Improve your business stats through Abandoned Cart Recovery!

Can you notice the spill in the trend of your brand for e-commerce carting? Yes, I can understand what you are going through. And that's why it is high time that you think about Abandoned Cart Recovery for your site.

Now, you must be asking yourself that about how many times you have use tricks (including discount codes/coupons/virtual free gifts and many more) which would the lower the rate of deserted shopping carts but how many have really proved to the best one?

Well, you know the answer! I am not asking you the number of such dumped shopping cart but it is just that how much you are aware of it!

Indeed, this is not to grill you, but to help you where you are going wrong and how to improve.


hubspot abandoned cart recovery online shopping 2019

Let's wheel in for the real story!

There have been same like cases popping up from all over the globe which will tell, that you are not alone who face such "Abandoned Cart Recovery syndrome". There are many like you!

The issue is quite plain and simple which showcases that due to some issues like a technical glitch, server problem, too costly after rounding up for total, confusing checkout process and so others, your clients/customer (precisely telling) leave their shopping cart in-between to complete their purchases.

Yes, it is the hardcore reality!

This is to inform you that many online business tycoons have fallen flat when it comes to recovering abandoned cart, which bays about 70% of shoppers to complete their purchases smoothly. Referring an article published by Baymard Institute, which clearly stated that this percentage was framed on online average shopping documentation developed for shopping cart abandoned rate.

Through the study, it was clear that:

-78% of the cart was abandoned which was by Listrak.

-75.50% of the cart was abandoned which was by Adobe.

-74.52% of the cart was abandoned which was by SaleCycle.

-71.39% of the cart was abandoned which was by Brilliance.

-68.95% of the cart was abandoned which was by IBM.

-80.30% of the cart was abandoned which was by Rejoiner.

-69.20% of the cart was abandoned which was by Vibetrace.

Now, you must be getting some anchor that you are not alone.


cart recovery

Well, it is but obvious that you must be bothering that why people desert their shopping cart just like that... then here is the answer.

As discussed earlier, client/customers can face issues like a technical snag, costly cart price at the time of purchase, server problem, confusing checking out process and many others for disowning your shopping cart, but there is more to the story.

A large number of abandoned carts are a simple consequence of window shopping, storing items for later, price comparison (which will increase your web's traffic rate) and just digging into best offers and coupon codes. These are basically unavoidable circumstances.

It is also seen that percentage of recover abandoned cart cases has rung up to 57% of just US-based online shoppers within last four months. This will also become clear which you will go through the image below.

Due to this, reasons like- "I was just checking out the items, Not ready to buy now, Just checking, Comparing price before purchase" and many others.

cart recovery

So, don't stick to this, improve it. Afterall, it will lead your business to scale up!

Let's discuss how we can recover abandoned cart which is deserted!

  • Target shoppers before they sign out from your store-

    This can be your major task yet important duty which will churn your brain like anything. Targeting your shoppers by doing something exciting and out of the box each can be very tiring for some. Let it be anything i.e. adding some exciting coupon codes or offers while just signing in, adding some value or points while adding items to cart or simply just slashing amount by half on special occasions can surely make up your client to stay longer on your site and make active purchases.

  • Improving your customer support with a better response-

    Now, you must be thinking that your existing support team is doing their job 'the best'. Well, surely it can be. But, there is no harm to try something new because each time you come up with something extraordinary, it is looked and enjoyed much. Yes, I'm talking about initiating bot system. There are hundreds of millions bot services on the web through which you can encourage positive and engaging response by your customers. And, can also ensure that your clients do not lose their shopping cart in the mid-way or even fearing the high price or confusing payment track.

  • Restore your abandoned cart via push notification-

    As we all surf through social media like Facebook, we come across multiple notifications on our timeline as and when our 'friends/groups' posts something or initiate any activity. The same thing happens here as well! To restore your client as well as his cart from disowning, you can incorporate a push-button feature for better response and lessen the number of abandoned carts for future. This will simply easy out the process as when the buyer would leave the payment gateway, a notification will ping him/her and remind him/her of the abandoned cart.

cart recovery


  • Use emails as your timely successful tool-

    Yes, emails can work as the real elixir when it comes to tracking down your customers after they have left their shopping cart on your dashboard. According to stats, abandoners spend 55% more when remarketed and reached out through email address. But, you should also keep in mind that time is precious and it is ticking. It is estimated that if you reach out in the same day, it is sure that about 56% of shopping carts can be recovered. Then within next day, another 10% of shopping cart will mark up on your e-commerce website. Likewise, 85% of shopping cart will get recovered within a week. So, well you can understand how you can pitch-in to your abandoners.

  • It is a great idea to push out email series than just a single one-

    Yes, everything needs a connecting link or else it will be forgotten and invite rust! When you will sit and frame emails for abandoned cart recovery cases, you need to also focus on creating a sting so that your abandoners do not sit over your single shot and sleep over it. You need to actively send out these emails with fresh content and information each time, which will surely make them realize that what they are missing out!

  • Let the abandoners know that their product is on sale-

    This is the final trick! This can be your final strategy to passage your abandoners again to your web and do the purchases. Well, now you can use your final stroke by putting abandoners products on sale. Yes, you read it right. It is a normal human psyche which tells that every human on this planet gets diverted towards sales and different discount codes. So, use this your final tool and see what amount of abandoned cart spurs up!

Save this situation with us via HubSpot Abandoned Cart Recovery, before its too late!

MakeWebBetter comes up with all new recover abandoned cart plugin for your e-commerce web namely "HubSpot Abandoned Cart Recovery." This extension comes to your help to fish out shopping carts which have been deserted by your customers for any reason.

As it is certified by HubSpot itself, it has the authentication of best-valued quality product.

Its feature gems:

-This will manage all the abandoned carts of your store customers with ease.

-Checks and updates customers abandoned cart data automatically over HubSpot.

-HubSpot contact properties can be used to recover abandoned cart with automated HubSpot email workflows.

-It enhances the store sales and the bond with the customer which was missing earlier.

-Through automated e-mail sending, this can be easily synced.

cart recovery

So, now you know how important is your shopping cart and how to influence your customers for their purchases.

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