We are a team of developers, designers, bloggers and creative artists working together to make utilities, plugins, themes that would enhance overall user experience and make life much easier.

Our goal is to make web better for everyone and we try to add a small contribution to this world :)

One of the most frequent questions companies receive has to do with their mission. What is your mission? people often ask. Well, we wanted to focus our attention on development and things that really matter, as compared to answering the same question over and over again. And that is why, we decided to incorporate our mission into our company name itself—Thus our mission is the same as our name: to MakeWebBetter.

Our team is comprised of a whole bunch of highly experienced, veteran developers, designers, storytellers, and otherwise creative professionals. We spend the bulk of our time designing great products from scratch, and then redesigning them and making them even better. This involves constantly improving the code, the design and anything else that can be improved.

The result? Flawless products that work like natural extensions, and improve the web, both for you as a seller—and for your customers as well.