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Running short of time while you have to approach your domain provider for maintenance?

We are ready to help you right now. Just one message and we will be there to help with our maintenace team!

Are you running out of time in maintenance tasks of your WordPress site? Don't you worry, just opt for WordPress maintenance from us and sit back. Your duty doesn't only stay there till launching your website in public domain, it is also important to initiate some maintenance services.

We understand that it is pretty much difficult to maintain your website on a regular basis. But, this is the time when you miss out the catch. You should look forth WordPress Maintenance which keeps tap and handle bugs and security issue which is long run make difference. As you are a website owner, you should keep your WordPress website healthy as your own child.

Our professionals do not assist you for the sake to provide WordPress Maintenance services, we do it so to maintain your business heartline keeps on beating!


Connecting with us has always built up bond!

No problem, whichever communication medium you choose we would get connected with you in no time. Say, it skypes, email or even lives chats you would find us online 24x7. Let it be any case related to WordPress support and maintenance service, WordPress website update, theme and plugins updates, hacker/spammer protection, speed optimization, and other maintenance tasks, we can surely handle it with great care.


Sharing from our client's book...

As you may know, we have large client base all over the world so why not India: land of culture and culinary. There Raju Swami Nathan from Bangalore, India owns a giant apparel store which he heirs by his father and forefather, treats it like his own magu or child. But, somehow along with his niece's wedding, he forgot to call in maintenance services team for his well-built website.

So, what happened next?

For, time being it wasn't the issue but as he was a software engineer he could able to smell foul. It was just a week left for Karaga festival to get started and thus he was planning to buy a plugin clad with features for coupons and discounts.

But, the issue was his backend was not updated to get the new plugin to run as smoothly and be compatible with the new entry. Learning from an uncle about our WordPress support and maintenance service Raju contact us and shared his problem. As we were not the domain provider for him, our support team asked all the credentials in due respect and in no time, his website's backend again bloomed and was ready to welcome the new plugin.

While his niece took wedding vows, our support team updated his site with all new plugin updates, speed optimization, and hacker/spammer protection.

Being the nija or real merchant of his business, Raju in returned purchased his coupon/discount-driven plugin from us.

He said,

I have not seen so quick and managed team work that you people have shown me. May Lord Krishna always bestow his blessing upon you all. Good Luck.


Come, know how we work for you!

We all are a team of professionals who work best for the better end product. Our team for WordPress support and maintenance service will work from end to end so that you could initiate more features and benefits for your dear customers.

  • As a part of a WordPress Maintenance, we will update WordPress to the latest version.

  • After that, we will update your WordPress Plugins to the latest version so that it could run smoothly with the whole version base processing unit.

  • If you require, we would also update WordPress Themes so that you can customize it according to your use.

  • Not only that, we would also provide with weekly WordPress core file update.

  • Weekly WordPress spam checker

  • We will also track for emergency issue after the updates have been done

  • 24x7 communication support with maintenance team.

Searching for something more? Grab our other WordPress support and maintenance service or simply tap in for your inquiry for better assistance.

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