WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin- Uplifting your eCommerce business!

Round and round and bang!  Wondering what WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin has got to do with the bang thing.

Around 6% increase in running just for 4 days- Studies show that the WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin is enormously booming the conversion rates of the e-commerce websites.

When I say conversion rate I simply mean the subscriptions, receiving emails and traffic for the e-commerce site.


WooCommerce spinning wheel


Ever gave a thought that these simple wheelio woocommerce plugin would boom your sales at such a height?

Well, yes!  WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin is yet another measure to revive the good old childhood days, bringing high conversion rates for your website.


What is WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin?

WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin enables the sellers to capture the email of the users visiting their sites (guest as well as the signed In users) and reward them with fascinating coupons and special prizes.

A report states the industry average capture rates which are from 0.5% - 2%. Their users have an average capture rate of 10% across the board, which is not a less figure by any means.

The best part of the WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin is that it enables the sellers easily configure the wheel and control when to show the popup, ability to categorize win/losses in a separate log file.


Looking for WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin compatibility?


WooCommerce spinning wheel

It is compatible with the following versions:

  • WooCommerce 3.0.x
  • WooCommerce 3.1.x
  • WordPress 4.9.0
  • WordPress 4.9.1

The WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin is compatible with the several Browsers-

  • IE9,
  • IE10,
  • IE11,
  • Firefox,
  • Safari,
  • Opera,
  • Chrome,
  • Edge.


 Looking for the features of WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin?

WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin converts website visitors into subscribers and customers on a large scale.


WooCommerce spinning wheel


There have been many marketing tools released enormously in the last century to increase the sale, leaving the tradition of following the old classical fortune wheel thing here are few features of WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin:

  • The seller can enable customers with multiple themes of different colors in the WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin.
  • The Pop-up can be set by admin on the basis of an event- on page load, exit intent of a user.
  • The seller can add their logo to the win-wheel.
  • The plugin provides 6 demo wheels.
  • Each wheel has 12 segments which can be customized on the basis of segment text, text color, discount amount and type.
  • The sellers can customize the popup as per their theme.
  • The WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin generates a coupon code dynamically according to provided prefix and expiry.
  • The Pop-up can be set on 4 locations-shop page, single product page, checkout, thank you page.


 Where can you find WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin?

  WooCommerce spinning wheel The WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin is available in the “Plugins” section of the makewebbetter site.


Why WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin?

If you intend to grow your email list and are looking for a new, fun, gamified way to capture email addresses – without annoying your users. Then, you must take the advantage of the WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin. Gifts have been the best way to delight people be it your customers. WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin comes up with several coupon codes enclosing offers and discounts on several products.   WooCommerce spinning wheel WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin proves to boost the morale of customers. They tend to beautify your store. Discount Win-Wheel For WooCommerce plugin developed by makewebbetter abides all boring ancient methodologies for the users, developed by the makewebbetter team it has come up with enormous mentioned measures to make you relive your childhood. To bring your website to another level makewebbetter team has brought several such innovative measures for you, get several other gifting ways for you through the WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card. Take your coupon game to another level with the all-new WooCommerce spinning wheel plugin and get a boom hiking the traffic on your website.    

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