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You must have learned that if your content is great, you have won half of the match. But, it does not only support in today's tug-of-war for attracting the maximum number of traffic. You have to simply share it on social media forums like facebook or twitter. You have to save your content from getting null and essence free. So, here comes Open Graph which will not let your work go in vain and un-noticed!

So, for my friends who have already applied these tactics to make their content stand out on social media with facebook tag can now take help of Open Graph. Now, you must be thinking what is this new term?


In simple terms, Open Graph is used to promote unification between social networking sites along with other sites. It helps the website to become earning field with the same performance with that particular social networking site.

Not only that, you can let stories be shared with Open Graph through facebook. It is a fact that if any person tends to share a story regarding any development or any incident then it is read and taken into account with more activeness rather extending long passages of explanations and functions.


Here, also I have able to assemble some of the reviews given by my Indian friends who are renowned tycoons in social media realms and how they have benefited.

Reviews by experts

Anand Jain, Platform & Infra at Network18 Media says, "FB Graph Search will finally bring to the fore those brands which have accumulated many members and likes. It will give a chance to smaller brands to also compete with bigger ones just on the basis of actual user likes not on the basis of how much marketing noise they can make. Just an SEO is the currency of Google search, FB Likes will be the currency in Graph Search. I think this can only get more powerful."


Manu Prasad, Head-Social at Myntra Designs Pvt Ltd. Says, "Facebook has spent a lot of time & energy trying to kill it -so much that Graph search is being called its 'third pillar'. While Facebook has so far been mostly about saying connected, Graph search is about making connections. I'd actually say it's an advertising foray positioned as a consumer tool-Facebook now has the user's intent broadly divided into 4 categories (people, places, photos and interest) along with his/her influencers."

Sharing with some data snippet

Well, these are the few from a listed document on the web which quotes with the experience of the users at least from India. In social media, Facebook has gained topmost position (30%) according to a report published in The report clearly states that among other social platforms like Youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Snapchat and many others.

Till now, we have discussed much of data and report which support how beneficial would be to use Open Graph, now let us discuss what can be the purpose of the tagged search.


Open Graph


Nowadays, everything is related to the single point i.e. web traffic. It is the major chunk which juxtaposes with social media. So, if you want your dream to accomplish for click-through rate, sharing your content on Facebook through Open Graph is important!

This will help you to gain better user experience and enhance your sharing through Open Graph. At the time, you must have come across while sharing links on Facebook that thumbnail goes missing or picture appears wrong. So, to skip such type of issue you must take help of Open Graph via Facebook.

Now, digging in for SEO pie!

Note that, Open Graph does not directly imply itself for your on-page SEO. It is important to acknowledge that social media giant Facebook has flagged for being on the trend and great usability for the clients from all over the globe.

Though it is a bit confusing to understand the impact, it should be followed for better traffic. You just have to remember, to keep tap with facebook tag through the posts on Open Graph and get better results.


What will you benefit from Open Graph

It is helpful for extending more followers to the site which thereby amplify traffic.

Facebook and Twitter is the ultimate pick for sharing your information on the social media platform.

It increases more clicks & pushing more conversion rate to the website which will build more client base.

Now, you must be bothering that how to go about with this new magic trick to make your work stand out and get tagged search through Facebook.


You just have to start with-

Add <html class="gr__makewebbetter_com" prefix="og:" lang="en-US"> at the HTML tag.

Add in <head> tag with <meta> tags with the property and content attribute.

Specify 4 tags on the basis of content which needs to be published:

  • og:title
  • og:type
  • og:url
  • og:image

Open Graph

Other tags also exist if your page contains video.

Flipping through the pages for better socialize content!

Eight years down the line, Open Graph got launched in 2010 powered by Facebook. Presently, it is held by Open Web Foundation.

The main motto for this was to extend an easier alliance between Facebook and other websites by displaying rich graph objects with same features. And, it is also sure that this allows a certain degree of control over the information which gets shared.


Open Graph


Referring to the recent news on Open Graph

According to recent news which got published on, it was stated that Facebook has newly introduced with 3D posting. The social media giant, extended supporting for uploading 3D formats which were earlier got strained due to only 2D style file formats.

Amidst of such support, it was also learned that Facebook has also provided with Graph API which would help developers to create 3D sharing to Facebook directly into the third-party app.


Now, when it comes to facebook tag creation, Open Graph comes to the board with its 3D Content creation.


 Open Graph

How it will be helpful to YOU!

Here, is the catch!

Through this, you will experience better quality images on your news feed. Additional, you can also initiate with more dimension to the objects which have got live on Facebook paces, social VR platform.

Through this, you may also enjoy better usability and could play virtual games with your friends through VR.

As Open Graph is budding in recent times, likewise global SEO tricks are also getting heighten. Through oversea seo, you can able get a hang of international market and create brand awareness of your website and name on international platforms beside minting heavy revenue generation.


Not only this, you too have to keep into account that you have to simplify yet smartly design your website. On the basis of seo wp theme, you can easily pick your desired website theme with better functionality and guidance.

But, my friend it's all possible with error-free SEO solutions which you have to choose and reach the pinnacle in the era of e-commerce. Take care of it as well!


By, now you have got a clear idea that how you can easily take heed of Open Graph in the time to come. This newbie integration will enable your web pages on the social graph. Not only that, you keep an eye on virtual things-food, movies, sports groups, restaurants & celebrities. With such inclusion, you can easily turn your simple web page into facebook type of socialized page.


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