MakeWebBetter is a well-established platform which delivers a one-stop solution for everyone. This enriched established firm enhances overall user experience and thus make life easy.

Down the years of experience, we have developed a much heavier portfolio which envisages the workability of the whole firm and the policy terms the products are clad with!

The main mission of our organization is

To fulfill every need of the digital industry which is likely to grow and bloom in the days to come.


1. Time limit for applying  refund requests


If you face any problem pertaining to an extension to work smoothly, firstly as you have purchased the product from us, you should contact us with the issue which you are facing. Our experts will surely go through it as they have created it for your web's better performance. If the issue can't be resolved by them and also no incompatibility problem via third-party product, then without any further formalities we would refund back your full amount within 30 days since the initial purchase.


Note- After 30 days, a refund will no longer be meaningful. The refund request should be sent via ticket to our support team ( or simply click the button given at the end of this page. In order to get a quick response, please follow the guidelines enlisted below. Make sure, your response should accompany your request with detailed and specific reasons which would fulfill the need of applying for a refund. Please make sure, your request does not deny our Refund Policy.


2. In Accordance with third-party product or software


Note- We do not bear any responsibility and therefore we do not satisfy any refund request based on incompatibility of our products with any third-party products (extensions, addon etc) other than those which are specified as compatible in the description available on each product page.

We do not claim that our extension will be fully operational with any third-party programs or product. We also do not extend support for third-part applications. Our Support Team is always eager to assist and help you 24x7 without any time-gap.


Processing Refund Requests

Once we have received your request, our Support Team will take about 24-48 hours to get back to you along with your raised support ticket (please refer our privacy policy). We suggest you not to update your raised ticket further until one of our expert replies back to you. Because every update will decrease the priority acquired by the ticket itself.

Note-  Refunds are available once per person or entity and will not be responsible if your account is in violation of our terms of services.  


Claims, Chargeback, and Conflict

In the case, if you have decided to file a claim with your credit card company or Stripe, you will not be granted a refund of your amount under any circumstances and also you will get banned from using MakeWebBetter extensions in future as well. It is also to inform you that, filing for these claims are time-consuming, expensive and involves the unnecessary process for all parties involved. Well, it's what people are aiming to defraud us would do and we would personally fight all of these claims.


As an established company, we maintain all our member's activities and thereby we submit it to our payment gateways and /or credit card companies. This means we are often able to successfully win these claims and which would hamper your credit card rating with your credit card provider and other gateway provider. Let's all try not to indulge in these unfavorable situations. We believe that our policies are responsible as we offer a clear and sensible path to refunds and we are committed to helping you out to the best of our ability.


User's  responsibility

Prior a refund is granted, you must allow us to try and help solve any problem you have with our product. A perfect ticket should incorporate:

  • The name of the product you are asking to get refunded
  • Your order number  
  • The reason why you are asking for a refund.


Invalid refund requests

Refunds will not be granted on the grounds if you do not want to use the purchased product or product purchased for the evaluation process. If you only wish to checkout for evaluation, please use the provided free version or our live demo or you can also try out the admin demo, which will create a fully functional instance of the product you are interested in, in a Sandbox environment that will be usable and will last up to 30 minutes.


To try out,  simply click on “Launch Admin Demo” from the upper bar of all provided live demos. We fully support and stand by our extensions which we provide and with no doubt will assist you in solving problems which you are facing. But, we also expect you to simultaneously understand what you are purchasing and why.  


On which instances refund will not be granted

If the extension is similar to the description and preview provided and it works the way it is supposed to, then we have no boundation to provide you with a refund. Instances which follow:

  • You realize you don't want the product which you have purchased after you have already downloaded it.
  • The extension which you have purchased did not meet your expectation.
  • You simply changed your mind.
  • You bought one of the product (extension) by mistake.
  • You do not have the required level of expertise to use the product which you have purchased.
  • You ask for  goodwill
  • You can no longer access your product because it has been removed (in order to avoid this kind of situation, we recommend you download your items as soon as you have purchased them).
  • We will certainly grant 'NO REFUND' from the MakeWebBetter subscription.  
  • Add-ons, the extension will not be granted refunds under any circumstances.


3. Late or lost refund (if applicable)


If you haven't received a refund yet, first check your bank account. If you don't find your refunded amount there, then you can contact your credit card company for details (it may take time prior your refund is officially issued).  Next contact to your concerned bank of which you hold the card. But, by now if you haven't received the amount back then please feel free to contact us back. We would be genuinely happy to help you in that too.


4. Payment for Refund


In case, your request is approved your refund will be processed and the credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or the original mode which you had used for payment. Surely, within 7-10 working days, your amount will get credited to your account.