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Nurture Cart Abandoners

Nurturing your customers towards the abandoned products. Nurturing can be achieved by providing special discount offers and giving a reminder email to the customer.

hubspot abandoned cart recovery nurture abandoned cart

hubspot abandoned cart recovery automated workflows

Automated Workflows

Automated your emails using workflows. Send Abandoned Cart Email using workflkow created by the add-on and remind customers who have Abandoned cart on your store.

Get back your sales

Decreasing rate of cart abandonment will increase your sales rate. Our Abandoned Cart Workflow for HubSpot will help you to automate the reminders to be sent to customers with abandoned carts and will also help you track the conversion rate.

hubspot abandoned cart recovery increase sales

hubspot abandoned cart recovery Retarget with Personalized Emails

Retarget with Personalized Emails

Regain the customers who have abandoned cart on your store by sending them auto-generated emails, the content of the email will be personalized to get back the customer. The email is a kind of reminder for the customer about the abandoned products.

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Nouman Amin
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Best support

Hi, I have been in IT Industry since 1998. Believe me the kind of service you guys have given is really awesome. From the start I have been guided tremendously by makewebbetter team. You guys have taken all my requirements very carefully and delivered all work on promised time. Thank you so much for your support, now you have me as your permanent customer..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this add-on creates any group on HubSpot?

Yes, the add-on creates a group named “Abandoned Cart Details” over HubSpot.

How many custom fields does the HubSpot Abandoned Cart add-on creates?

The HubSpot Abandoned Cart add-on creates more than 10+ custom fields over HubSpot.

How do I use this addon or what are the dependencies for this?

Before using this addon, please make sure that you are ready for the setup of one of our HubSpot WooCommerce Integration plugin either PRO version or basic version (over wordpress.org).

Whats the flow of this addon?

The addon continuously monitors your non-guest customers and picks up their abandoned cart data when the specified cart timer gets elapsed. The data will be pushed by corn scheduler of the main extension.

calendly hubspot recover abandoned cart

2 reviews for HubSpot Abandoned Cart Recovery

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Highly overwhelmed by the support provided by MWB! The perfect integration for HubSpot cart recovery. I’ve been waiting for such plugin for a long time. The benefits really comprehend.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    The extension can easily & automatically update the data of the abandoned cart. Easy to use. Makewebbetter team is Extremely Professional & always ready to help.

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