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Does your webpage loading time turning off your visitors from reaching you?

Don't let it happen again or else your ranking would also get affected!

Presently, the situation has been that website speed is the supreme notion than quality content. If your web page takes more time to load than expected, it is pretty much sure that in next 1-2 minutes you will get less number of active visitors who will be reading your page. Save that situation via WordPress Optimization.


So, what is new?

With this WordPress installation, you can easily hasten your website's speed within seconds and can easily retain your precious visitors from flying off your page.

We have gained with much experience since years and with good valuable results in our bucket. We have also helped much with WordPress installation for speeding up the site.


It's all because of search engine ranking...

Side by side, we have developed multiple WordPress themes which have lots of code and scripts which are mere space gainer. Well, we will make these code and speed of the website get improved for best WordPress performance.


Don't you worry...

Why push your site and potential customers into loading of website time and risking them both. Our WordPress optimization will never let your visitors go in vain and waste their precious time. We have produced many successful projects related to-

  • Fast loading speed to accelerate visitors.

  • Lower server load time

  • Minimal hosting and CDN costs


Connecting with us will never ever take time!

No issues! Whichever communication medium you choose, you will surely find us without any loss of time. Say, it skypes, email or even lives chats you would find us online 24x7. Let it be any case related to the WordPress site, WordPress installation, search engine, WordPress plugin, WordPress performance we can surely handle it with great care.


We care for you from any geographical location you belong to!

This request was made all the way from Singapore, Malaysia where there was a video gaming firm and wanted to improve their WordPress site through optimization. Well, there was no big trouble but the issue of low search engine results was there.

It is one of the prestigious organization on the land of Buddha, which chose not to get named in the public domain which can hamper their name and fame. As the organization had earlier purchased WordPress plugin from us, for better functionality of their WordPress site it happens to come back as our repeated client for better valued and authentic service.

As the firm deals with video gaming, it is but obvious that site's performance will get affected because their site too carries some of the heavy files pertaining to the large amount of KBs. And that's why its search engine results too got affected.

Our SEO team with the coordination with project manager, worked hard rigorously for full one month to increase search engine result and now it has gained one of the top five positions on Google through perfect installation and configuration of Yoast WordPress plugin, customizing title and meta tags for homepage, category, and other tags, generation of XML sitemaps, framing of SEO friendly permalinks, internal linking and also image alt tags set up.

So, via this, we helped our clients and also gained their trust which tells- “We are always there for you!”


Don't you want to know, how we want your website a roller coaster?

It is not just your website's loading page, it is your website's image on a global platform. You cannot ignore the fact that if your website is being witnessed across borders then you cannot run your site with heavy graphics, content, gifs, codes, plugins and many more!

So, embrace you from that situation ...

Our services deals with:

  • After a meeting with our project manager, we will do a detailed performance audit report (through google page speed)

  • For better WordPress Optimization, we reduce and customize Javascript, HTML & CSS.

  • Proper customization of styles and scripts.

  • Rigorous work on compression, browser caching, web page caching.

  • Image optimization

  • Analyze active plugins

  • Combining of CSS and JS files

  • Optimization plugins for embracing from any shortcomings

  • Inspect active themes.

Searching for something more? Grab our other WordPress Optimization services or simply tap in for your inquiry for better assistance.

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