Gifting made simpler with WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards


WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards, the name itself includes the term ultimate which compels us to think that it might be equipped with some extravaganza features and so does it offers. The dilemma regarding gifting would have never been sorted out and thanks to Ultimate Solution WooCommerce Gift Cards that provides us with such out of the box solution.

The makewebbetter team launched a product WooCommerce Gift Cards which is trending the internet these days all across the globe. The product is very popular among the people of almost all the age groups.

A recent survey showed that WooCommerce Gift Cards was the second best selling product on the e-commerce websites. Recently it was awarded the badge of Weekly Top Seller product by Envato market.


The functionality of WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards:


Sellers must have come across such situations and received several emails from the customers asking to extend the offers for some more time so that they can order the particular product at that point of time.  

The extension of offers does not happen as it would bring degradation to the market of the seller. Customers remain confused regarding what to gift to their dear ones. To sort out the same Ultimate Solution WooCommerce Gift Cards has brought several innovative features.

Ultimate Solution WooCommerce Gift Cards works in the similar way as a  normal coupon with several other added features. With WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards the customer can set any date of his/her choice and the order may be received by the recipient on the desired day at the desired place. Thus making it extremely comfortable for the customer.

The Ultimate Solution WooCommerce Gift Cards comes with 16 desired templates, the seller can set the template of their choice. Sellers can award the customers with thank you gift cards thus boosting their confidence and retaining the future relationship with the customer.

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards lets the sellers provide full transparency to the customers so that they can check the reviews of the previous customers and get satisfied, thus bringing a lot of traffic to the website.


WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards are compatible with a variety of platforms such as :


  • WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards are compatible with the following versions of WooCommerce:
  • WooCommerce 3.1.x, with WooCommerce 3.0.x and WooCommerce 2.6.x.
  • WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card runs smoothly on the versions of WordPress 4.0 and above.
  • It is compatible with sixteen different templates to name a few Divi, Avada, Flatsome and Genesis Framework.

WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Cards are a must product for every seller these days. Since it is on such hike all over the internet and enormously popular among the women. Who in the world does not wants to be gifted? And when it comes to gifting, the Ultimate Solution WooCommerce Gift Cards are the best surprises.



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