5 Trending niche to Boost sales after festive season

Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end, for they do ask you to cheer up and rejoice all the memories of the jolly festive season with trending niche products".

Being an entrepreneur does not demand you to shower all the love and concern at once. Bringing out most offered and trending products occasionally- mostly during festive hours.

Instead, an enterprise must keep some methodologies to avoid heavy repercussions after the huge festive season sale.

The festive season usually comes up with tremendous trending items to sell. This season usually provides a big sales boost to almost all businesses.

The flip occurs after the trending products (presents) have been exchanged and the festive season has come to an end. Now arrives the time when demands for popular products to sell online becomes the need of the hour.

You really don’t need to lose hope over the fact that the festive season is over. Instead, you can come up with so many trending niches for sale after festive season that will boost sales.


Here are a few  trending niche to sell online in 2018 after the festive season:


1) WooCommerce Smart Product Recommendation

trending niche

WooCommerce Smart Product Recommendation powered eCommerce users shop like never before.

It is one of the trending niches in online stores that seem to seek attention of all online entrepreneurs.

It provides automatic cross and upsells thus helping users to browse and purchase more and more trending products from your store. Thus, saving your customers valuable time.

Being one of the most trending items to sell. It automatically recommends most trending products to users in comparatively much less time.

Translation ready- This plugin is translation ready and includes .PO and .MO files.

With Smart Product Recommendation for WooCommerce, one must not give a second thought if they wish to monitor and track all records related to working with their customers.

Are you curious about the types of Recommendation?

Let us have a glance at the types of recommendations offered by Smart Product Recommendation for WooCommerce:

Related Products by View

Do you get anxious about kind of products your customers look for?

As, those products prove to be the most trending products of the hour. With WooCommerce Smart Recommendation Product, the users are provided with the related products automatically.

Recommend products by trending categories

The merchant can list down all trending products in simpler ways and get them into trending categories.


2) Woocommerce Sale Booster - What are you looking for

trending niche

Adding another Sale Booster plugin to your store Woocommerce Sale Booster - What are you looking for has brought the most effective way to optimize time for your customers and bring the most searched trending products more effectively.

The plugin categorizes the products based on similar searches and brings the most effective results- trending niche for you.

The out-of-box property of this trending niche is that it provides a popup window for customers. Which enables the customers to directly search the required trending niche and pops up other related products.

Categorization through Product Type:

It categorizes the products based on their types i.e; Top Rated Products, Most Ordered Products, and Most Visited Products respectively.

Product purpose by user:

The customers can add the purpose of their search and the resulted searches can further be modified from the admin.


3) WooCommerce Product Bundle with Gift Pack

trending niche

This plugin helps the admin compile all the trending products in a go and add them in a bundle. Thus, making it easier for customers and limiting their search.

Facilitate your customers with hidden bundle items facility. Enable them create a bundle of all trending niches that are out of stock.

Get facilitated with different types of packing for all trending niche bundle i.e. Circle, Box packing, etc. and impress your customers on a larger scale.


Add Widget Option to display your trending product bundle in the sidebar and footer in order to make your bundle more demanding for your customer.

Discount Type

Offering you the flexibility to apply same (fixed) or variable discounts on the each product bundled together.


4) WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards

trending niche

Get a chance to attract your customers with this lucrative feature of earning points and rewards.

No one in the world would ever say “no” to anything that is offered for free-however, it simply requires your customers to visit your website.

Following the same concept attract your customers on a larger scale by ultimate points and Rewards.

The more number of times that they visit your website, the higher goes the collection of their points. Hence, they get rewarded at a much higher rate.

Automate points even on sign ups- Bringing in more traffic for your site the WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards supports guest feature too.

Send happiness to your customers by rewarding them with points on referrals, per product purchase points, per dollar purchase points and a lot more.

Allot points to customers once they post comments on your website- boosting their confidence. Customers can generate coupons and apply them to buy the trending products.


5) WooCommerce Refund And Exchangetrending niche

With heavy sales comes refunds and exchanges, which cannot be ignored in any case.

Divert huge traffic with WooCommerce Refund and Exchange on your website.

Get an automated exchange feature for your customers with exclusively designed WooCommerce Refund and Exchange plugin.

Partial Refund Feature- Exchange products with lesser amount trending niche and get the rest amount refunded to your wallet.

Wallet Feature- Enable your customers to get all refunded amounts collected in a wallet, which can further be used for purchases or can be redeemed as coupons.

Tax Handling- Admin can refund amount included with Tax if the particular setting is enabled.


Get all the trending niche categorized on your store as it is highly compatible with following versions of WooCommerce:


 Are you still trying to think of some useful trending niches and get your online store sales at hike?

Get these trending niche to your stores right at this moment and see the magic yourself. Grow your sales rate in no time and celebrate each day as a festive day. Want to read more us? Please acknowledge us with your valuable comments.



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