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RFM Segmentation

Create different types of customer segments with RFM analysis, Instead of reaching out to 100% of your audience, you need to identify and target only specific customer groups that will turn out to be most profitable for your business.

iContact Pro Segments and Segment Criteria

Create Intelligent Segments along with filtering criteria to segment your large number of audiences. Our iContact Pro WooCommerce Integration creates 10+ segments just in a single click.

Regain abandoned cart orders with ease

Steadily recover all the abandoned cart orders which were once left or forgotten by your customers from your brand. This feature will help your client base to re-establish again. It automates the follow-up process and increase conversions from cart abandoner’s.

icontact pro woocommerce integration
icontact pro woocommerce integration

ROI Tracking

Easily track your customers conversions for the different iContact Pro campaigns with the pre-defined ROI custom fields. The ROI fields can be used to mark the customers conversion for the campaign they have gone through.

Marketing Automation

After getting connected, the sellers can automate their process by creating smart workflows on iContact Pro based on Customer Groups, RFM rating, Purchase Details, Customer buying behaviour and other 30+ continuously synced contact fields.

icontact pro woocommerce integration

Additionally, Our Core Features includes

One-Click Orders Sync

Date wise syncs all your previous store orders to iContact Pro with just a single click.

One-Click Users Sync

Syncs all previous store users according to wordpress roles to iContact Pro with just a single click.

List Enrollment

Ability to enroll users to different lists on the basis of the order activity as well as your customers activity.


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  • Unlimited order sync
  • Unlimited customer sync
  • Phone, Email, and skype support
  • Regular updates
  • 70+ contact fields
  • 15+ segments

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    Hey, It was really a great experience of using this extension. Flawless working of the Plugin. I can easily create different segments in iContact PRO & send mails accordingly. Excellent Support by the makewebbetter team. Thank you, guys!

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