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Based in Portland, Oregon (US) and working for WordPress security has not only nurtured our professionals for providing trusted authentication but also helped to learn about the types malware issue and how to brace your WordPress website in real time.

If you are incurring deflection from the normal functionality of your WordPress website, then it will be the best idea to fetch services from WordPress security at the real time.


Our WordPress security services aim at sterilizing your WordPress website in real time so that no hefty loss can be foreseen by your website presence. Since years of experience, we have gained much knowledge in different malware activities which can dump your site into noting! For most of the malware activeness, we have acknowledged their source point so we help you to bridge the gap in WordPress website by assisting you in this regard.


Connecting us has never been a problem!

Through live chat, emails, and skype our support team will connect with you on a real-time basis. Not only that, you can simply ask for help and assistance will be given at once. Be it any case related to admin hacking, login hacking, directories distortion, infiltration by bugs, misuse of files or other related issues- we will make sure that we correct it in real time!


A snippet from WordPress security...

All the way from Albury Australia about 12332.83 km from Portland USA, Tonia Alexander was much tensed due to lowering of fame and name among other cafes by the seashore of Marley Beach. Well, the efficient part was that the case was known to the owner.

The issue was the username and password to login got somehow leaked and was accessed by an undertable unauthorized person from Thailand. This was found out via geographic IP address tracker.

When this case came to us, a special meeting was scheduled with Tonia over skype with our project manager and support team-mates. This was recognized in real time and work got started after the prior approval of the client. We managed and shielded the username & password from further getting hamper via protecting admin's URL and multiple installations of plugins for the cause.

After the operation, Tonia also commented

The managing team as 'SuperTechies' and also promised to visit our organization whenever she flies into the USA.


Walk through with us!

Well for better protection of WordPress website, you need to incur WordPress security for secured and non-amalgamated service so that no loss of data, name, fame can be induced. We follow a process like:

  • As WordPress is much sensitive medium to build your online presence, securing it through is a major task which cannot be ignored.

  • We too provide complete assistance to the URL of the admin which will also provide HTTP authentication.

  • After the safety and authentication of the HTTP, we also install multiple plugins for better running of the site without any hurdle.

  • As further processes, we monitor directories, log files, notification setups and many more for rigorous analysis.

  • And if any discrepancy takes place, we report to our client and thereby further actions are taken.

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