Lite version is better for your smooth mobile functionality

Progressive Web App is the lite approach for your smartphone's better functionality.

PWA extends a lighter version of the application which you can install directly from the concerned webpage- No longer to waste time in downloading heavy MB clad apps- Better memory space saving- Can function both online & offline.


The app can properly function on even low internet speed and can load the page smoothly.

Quick in responding

It is quite fast in responding to user interaction and does not let the user to wait.

Well built design

It also helps with navigation and branding of the company.

Well responsive

It is multi-device friendly and responsive which means that it can run and get fit on any device without any problem.

Extends security

PWA supports secured connection through HTTPS and other protocols which extends the security of the app.

Know better is your existing mobile app progressive?

Surely, you can find out that whether your Progressive Web App is functional or not through different Chrome plugins. Nevertheless, PWA or Progressive Web Apps are not functional on web browser developed by iOS such as Safari. It simply operates on Chrome, Firefox/ Opera.

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“A lighter and pocket friendly version for your phone”

24*7 Round the clock SUPPORT
We are always here to help you-any time and every time. Reach us in case of any query/ support.
We take every step to lower down your efforts and so does the plugin comes with easy steps to install.

Wondering “How to get started?” Our DOCUMENTATION will describe every “how”, “why” and “what” of your concern.

OPEN SOURCE- Modifications made easy!
We know one mind cannot sum it all and to cater a solution for the same we have brought the plugin on Open Source software- add more features. Whenever, you want.