About Smart Product Recommendation

It always happen that shop-owners are seeking more improved solution for their customers so that purchasing experience could be great and fasinating at the same time. Smart Product Recommendation is that bliss to suit the purpose. It extends custom related products that are frequently searched by your customers at the time of purchase and even after a successful purchase already. This woocommerce plugin provides smart product recommendation that will assist your customers with varied product options which they have been searching since quite some time.

woocommerce smart product recommendation

Suggesting always work… so why not implement in your site? Make it happen with Smart WooCommerce Recommendation!


Recommends your customers with better product

WooCommerce recommendation will simply provide product suggestions to your customers which they can buy as a supporting product with the mail product. This will surely boost sale for your successful woocommerce store.

woocommerce smart product recommendation

woocommerce smart product recommendation

Incorporation of shortcode in smart recommendation

WooCommerce recommendation will initiate shortcode on the basis of location wise, last viewed by users, product which have a greater discount, product which comes under trending and many more.

Filtration according to customers base

Being the admin of this woocommerce plugin this comes with easy filtration on the basis of according to views, sale, rating, recommendation conversion. This can also be drag and dropped according to your importance.

woocommerce smart product recommendation

woocommerce smart product recommendation

Extract old data

WooCommerce recommendation works according to the old data of your customers and their purchasing behaviour. This will assist the admin to acknowledge the buying behaviour of its customers via smart recommendation.

Suggest with default recommended products

This will be a plus point for admin who will provide a default recommended products to their buyers which will hold custom related products which will purely cart page recommended product by category.

woocommerce smart product recommendation

woocommerce smart product recommendation

Enables text change when product has been purchased

Your buyers will notice the change on their shop page at the time of same product has already been purchased and even product chosen to buy already exist in cart. This will support your buyer to know about their working from before.

Enables text change when product is already in cart

Your buyers will see the modification when they will add items into their cart. If the item chosen already exist in the cart, it will notify the user that there is already a samelike item in the cart.This will support your buyer to know about their working from before.

woocommerce smart product recommendation

Advices are always needed and it works efficiently when during shopping! Make it happen for your estore as well.


  • Drive traffic
  • Engage shoppers
  • Convert shoppers to customers
  • Scale up number of items per order
  • Extract reports
  • Accesselerate average order value

woocommerce smart product recommendation

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 Instant Support
  • Safe & Secure online payment

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