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The WooCommerce Sale Funnel plugin facilitates the customers to redirect onto the discount/offer section much easily, thus, saving their time from wandering around the entire page and searching for the interesting offers.

Sellers can connect the WooCommerce Sale Funnel plugin with WordPress to show the funnel pages within their website without any coding, it attracts and engages the customers thus creating hike in the sales.

Supports multiple variations such as the admin can enable the customers with varieties of several products and also offer online payment methods, thus making the payment method quick and secure.

WooCommerce Sale Funnel plugin also refers to tracking the steps that lead up to the conversion (bringing more traffic)  either through sign-ups or other means.

It is highly preferred to place the funnel on top so that the customers can easily access it and avoid the dependency of the admin on the high-demanding coders.

 How does it Work?

WooCommerce Sale Funnel works in a way merchants can assign the funnel on to their homepage and redirect their customers to the relevant discounted and offered products.

The simple working functionality of the plugin can be explained in a way that after purchasing a particular product through a funnel, an upsell product can be added to the funnel step and in case the customer does not seems to be impressed by a particular upsell product. Then the merchant is free to add other upsell products on the skip button, retaining the interest of customers till the end.

The merchants no longer need to depend on coders to execute and bring such functionalities to their websites without investing too much in them.



  • Merchants can create funnels for launching a new product or creating a sale funnel.
  • It offers the ability to manage to order by adding or deleting funnel steps.
  • Forge Builder dependency which enhances our plugins capabilities for admin to edit the funnel steps using Forge builder.
  • New Components for Forge Builder- Navigator (For Navigating from one funnel step to another), Product element (For displaying product single page), cart Element (displaying cart page), checkout element (displaying checkout page), one-click upsell element (for adding offers for your funnel).


Main Features

  • Forge Plugin Dependency.
  • A new Funnel Custom Post Type so that you can make funnel steps.
  • Creation of multiple Funnels on your site for different offers.
  • Add, modify or remove funnel steps in a Funnel.
  • Assigns Forge Templates for each Funnel Step.
  • Modify Ordering of Funnel Steps.
  • Product, Cart, Checkout, One Click Upsell and Navigator Components.
  • One Click Upsell feature for your Funnel.
  • PayPal and Stripe Payment Gateway for Funnels and One Click Upsell Feature.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Giroux Authement

    Je suis très heureux avec le type de travail et la qualité qu’ils étendent. Cela vaut vraiment la peine de demander de l’aide à l’équipe de MWB. Tout le meilleur!

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