• Automated refund and exchange system
  • Advanced E-Wallet
  • Product Stock Management
  • Integration for return ship label with ShipEngine & ShipStation


WooCommerce return refund and exchange plugin makes the refund and exchange process as simple as possible for both customer and merchant with the help of the following features –

For Customers

Generate a refund/exchange request for a specific product or complete order.

Cancel the complete order or a specific product.

A Shipping Label is generated from the admin side on approval of the request to track the returned product.

Automated email notifications to admin/seller/buyer/customer at each stage of the request.

Send product related queries using multimedia files to generate refund/exchange requests. new

For Admin

Approve/disapprove the buyer’s request for refund & exchange.

Refund/Exchange management for Guest Users.

Add Global Shipping charges against refund/exchange requests.

Approve refund requests and transfer the refunded amount in E-Wallet or to the user’s paying account.

Compatibility with Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards.

Shortcode of product table and the refundable amount for Refund Mails.

Integration for return ship label with ShipEngine & ShipStation.

At the time of refund request, deduct the coupon amount from the total refund amount from the returned product.

Admin can change the text of the Refund button and View Order Message button from the back end.

Admin can enable this feature to notify the customers for the new message in the open conversation via emails.

Compatible with WPML, allowing admin to show translated content to the buyers into 40+ languages, and engage multilingual users. new

Admin can show refund and exchange rules (policies) on refund and exchange forms respectively with the rules editors. new

Admin can show or remove refund/exchange/cancel buttons for Cash on Delivery (COD) buyers while in the processing stages. new

Quick Info

  • Requires: WordPress 4.5 or higher
  • Compatible up to: WordPress 5.7.x
  • Requires: WooCommerce 3.3.x or higher
  • Compatible up to: WooCommerce 5.2.x
  • Minimum PHP version: 5.6
  • Version: 4.2.0

Customer’s Choice Award


It helps businesses to focus on production, not returns

Speedy return process makes a customer happier

Encourages customers to spend more money

It emphasizes your desire as business to please customers post-sales

Keeps your business thriving by weeding out the invalid returns or offer exceptions

Helps in maintaining the cash flow in your business

It Separates physical and financial processes

Automates return/refund processes to minimize additional labor costs

RMA solutions to international buyers with WPML translated stores.

Top Features

Compatibility With Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards

Admin can now provide refund functionality on gift cards to its users. But for the practical implementation users are required to fulfill two conditions i.e. the expiration period of the gift card shouldn’t be achieved and its usability should be equal to zero. The refund request for gift cards can be successfully initiated only if these conditions are satisfied by the user end.

Customize Your Emails With Shortcodes

Provide a more detailed and structured representation of your email using the shortcodes product_table and refundable_amount. It can let you provide a more descriptive representation of all the refunded products with their amount to your customers to maintain their interest in your brand.

Integration For Return Ship Label With ShipEngine & ShipStation

Generate a return ship label after accepting the refund request using the shipping channel that can fulfill your requirements.

Easy Refund/Exchange

Customers can easily raise the Refund/Exchange Requests for a single product as well as the whole order.

Cancel Order

This facilitates your customers to cancel the whole order or any single product from an order.

Partial Refund/Exchange/Cancel

The customer can raise the request for a refund/exchange/cancellation of a partial order.

Advanced Wallet System

Provide the flexibility to your customers to get the refunded amount in the customer’s e-wallet of your store.

Automated Refund Feature

The order refund amount can be transferred to the customer’s account through which the order was placed.

Global Shipping

The global shipping amount can be charged on the order/categories against refund/exchange.

Automated Email Notifications

Get notified on each step with an automated email system. This will help in creating a thread of emails with quick responses to the customers.

Stock Management

Merchants can manage stock after the refund/exchange request is approved. Stocks are managed automatically in case of cancellation.

Increase Communication Chances Using Messages

Allow your customers’ to send their product related queries along with multimedia files and approach you to take relevant action for the same.

Deduct Coupon Amount

Admin can deduct coupon amount from the total refund/exchange amount at the time of refund/exchange request.

Customize Refund/Order Button Text

Admin can change the text of the Refund button and View Order Message button from the back end using this functionality.

Email notification for message conversation

Admin can enable this feature to notify the customers for the new message in the opened conversation via emails.

Compatible With WPML

The plugin is compatible with WordPress Multilingual (WPML), allowing the admin to translate the strings on the return, refund, and exchange pages of the front-end, and the backend into more than 40 languages.

More Splendid Features

  • Enable/Disable Refund Request.
  • Refund feature enabled for selected period from the date of order placed.
  • Submit Multiple Product Refund Request.
  • Exclude selected categories from the refund.
  • Merchant can disable refund feature for items on sale.
  • Capability to add Refund Policy.
  • Merchant can add Refund Guidelines on the Refund Request form.
  • Merchant can exclude refund product shipping costs.
  • Merchant enables/disables the Exchange request feature.
  • Guest users can also Refund/Exchange order.
  • Hide refund/exchange button from the front-end.
  • Add/Remove Action Button for COD Buyers
  • Exchange feature enabled for selected period from the date of order placed.
  • The Merchant can allow the products to be exchanged with the same variation products or with other products.
  • User can submit multiple product exchange request with reasons.
  • Merchant can Add or Remove predefined refund/ exchange reasons.
  • Merchant manages stock after approving the request.
  • Merchant can add global shipping charges against refund/exchange request.
  • Customers can cancel a selected product or the whole order.
  • Hide wallet from the front-end if you don’t wish to provide wallet functionality.
  • Turn off refund/exchange mails for customers.
  • Add more email to the Basic setting
  • Add Rules Respective Request Forms
  • Product Quantity is updated automatically after the order has been cancelled.
  • A shipping label is generated from the admin side on approval of the request created by the buyer to track the returned product.
  • Catalog Settings are available.
  • Automated refund feature.
  • Automated Email notifications to merchants/customers at each step.
  • Merchant can customize Refund/Exchange mail content.
  • Provide shortcode for guest user login form, refund policy display, coupon code regenerator and custom email.
  • Refunded Amount can be transferred to customer’s E-wallet.
  • Limit the number of attachments with the request form.
  • Choose Pages for The RMA Buttons

Free vs Pro

Features Free Version Pro Version
Dedicated refund system
Return an order after delivery
Efficient tax handling
Allow customers to add a reason for a refund
Set predefined refund reason
Send an attachment with a refund request
Manage stock on each refund
Enable refund requests for selected order statuses
Dedicated Mailing system
Shortcodes for Email content
Increase Communication through messages
Change the text of the Refund button and View Order Message button
Email notification for a message conversation
Select pages to show refund/exchange/cancel buttons
Set number of attachments
Compatible with WPML
Hide refund/exchange/cancel button for COD buyers
Partial Refund/Exchange/Cancel
Order Product Selection for Refund/Exchange
Automated Refund
Cancel Order
Advanced Wallet System
Global Shipping
Deduct Coupon Amount
Refund/exchange for guest users
Compatibility With Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards
Integration For Return Ship Label With ShipEngine & ShipStation
Shortcode of product table and the refundable amount for Refund Mails
Admin can initiate refund and Exchange request from backend
Refund and Exchange request for sale items

Plugin Screenshot

Refund Setting

Refund Request Setting

Exchage Setting

Exchange Request Setting

Common Request Setting

Cancel Order Setting

Cancel Order Setting

Customer Wallet

Wallet Setting

Text Setting

Text Setting

Catalog Mode Setting

Basic Notification Setting


Customer Account Page Refund Request


Customer Account Page Exchange Request


Customer Account Page Cancel Order Request

Customer Account Wallet setting

Customer Account Page Wallet Setting


Refund Guidelines

Global Shipping

Global Shipping Feature


Guest User’s Refund&Exchange Form


Guest User’s Action Form

Exchange Mail Setting

Exchange Mail Setting

Refund Mail Setting

Refund Mail Setting

Return Ship Label Mail Setting

Return Ship Label Mail Setting

Ship Integration Mail Setting

Ship Integration Mail Setting

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

WPML Setting

WPML Setting

Select Language

Select Language

Change Language

Change Language

Order Id Setting

Order Id Setting

Translated RMA

Translated RMA

What our customers say

12 reviews for WooCommerce RMA for Return Refund & Exchange

  1. Kate Browne

    This plugin is absolutely amazing, all we needed for my Boutique!
    The customer support is perfect, they are fast and really helpfull!!
    100% recommended!

  2. Nadeem Kalloe

    RMA plugin is exactly what i was looking for. You can translate it yourself.
    Plugin is good !!!
    The support needs a little work, because there alot of guys helping customers and sometimes it gets confusing.
    But overall support is awesome, friendly but most of all helpfull. And always ready for customers. No long wait times.

  3. Robin Binnberg

    Now I have complete control over my returns/exchange processes and work perfectly. ran into a little snag, contacted the support and the issue was fixed in a matter of minutes. The amount of time this saves me on a daily basis os insane and when looking over the numbers I can now clearly see how much warranty and exchange has cost me for example. And due to it being so clear when something new needs to be sent out I never miss anymore to send out replacements and so on to customers.

  4. maxxmoda2017

    As WordPress/Woocommerce users we quickly learn that many times the lack of support on a plugin can really cripple our sites. The team at MWB have some of the best support I have ever experienced. They quickly responded to my emails and jumped right in and addressed the problem in less than 24hours. This really gives me peace of mind that they are going to be there to stand behind and continue to develop their plugin. The plugin itself is logically laid out and very functionally comprehensive. I am extremely happy with my purchase and recommend this plugin to everyone who needs to manage refunds and exchanges. In the future, I would like to see the ability to communicate with a customer from within the plugin like a mini CRM so that there would be a complete chronological history of the conversation within each Refund/Exchange request. That way if you have multiple CS Reps anyone can jump and easily see the full email trail. Also, I would like for the plugin to create its own RMA reference numbers for each submitted request.

  5. acvbien

    Eliminate any inconvenience from the client-side and also from the seller side, fantastic customizable configuration functions and a very efficient and fast super quality service Thank you

  6. abhijithpillai2

    Very good work, your plugin is very useful for my online store, also it has an amazing customizing option, I really like it also your support panel

  7. francescobelgrano

    Support is timely and the staff is friendly and ready to solve any problem. Availability of integrating customizations. recommended

  8. adamharrisuk

    Support has been very good, they’ve helped make changes that were not possible on the back end. This plugin offers a lot of functionality. I prefer to process myself rather than leaving to customers as to an untrained eye the process can be very confusing.

  9. Peggy Lipton

    Plugin not only works flawlessly, but it’s also very well supported. I had some doubts about the best way to set it up and support was very kind and answered very quickly.

  10. Sergio Canavero

    Love the plugin and the way I can manage refunds for my shop. Even better is the support. Got an issue and it was fixed in no time.

  11. Chris Pratt

    Love the plugin and the way I can manage refunds for my shop. This is what I was looking for, a time savior. Excellent support. Highly recommended.

  12. Dylan

    Best help, Always ready to take a gander at any issue. The Makewebbetter team is really Supportive & instantly resolve any issue related with the module. It makes it such a great help with the availability anytime.

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How to make visible Refund and Exchange button in My Account page by WooCommerce RMA Plugin?

Refund and exchange both are different points and the button of both points also different but not difficult to understand.

If you want to visible Refund button then follow these steps. You can easily go to the Woocommerce -> Settings -> RMA Setting ->Refund Products and set the following points.

1) Enable Refund Request.

2) Set the maximum number of days.

3) Select the order status in which the order can be Refunded.

If you want to visible Exchange button then follow these steps. You can easily go to the Woocommerce -> Settings -> RMA Setting ->Exchange Products and set following points.

1) Enable Exchange Request.

2) Set Maximum Number of Days.

3) Select the order status in which the order can be Exchanged.

How to enable wallet feature in WooCommerce Refund and Exchange with RMA plugin ?

You can easily go to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> RMA Setting ->Wallet Setting->Enable Wallet (Enable the Wallet Feature setting to add the refund amount to customer wallet).

What exactly do Exclude Categories feature setting in WooCommerce RMA Plugin?

For this feature, you can select those categories on which categories products you don’t want to allow refund and exchange request.

To use this setting please follow these steps

RMA Configuration->Catalog Setting-> Select products and categories for refund and exchange settings

Can we use customize template for WooCommerce Refund and Exchange email with RMA Notification mails?

Yes, we have provided mail template editor in WooCommerce RMA -> Mail Configuration Setting from where you can customize your template according to your requirement, And you can even put your custom template also.

How to work Cancel order feature in WooCommerce refund and exchange with RMA plugin?

Go to the WooCommerce-> Settings -> RMA Setting ->Cencel Order ->Enable Cancel Order feature and Select the order status in which the order can be canceled by customer.

What does mail configuration setting exactly do in woocommerce RMA plugin?

We are providing automated email system through a mail configuration setting form , where merchant can write or customize text and setting that he/she wants to send to the customer. When the refund/exchange status is updated, the customer receives e-mail. These emails are provided as a method for communication between customer and merchant.

Follow these simple steps for mail configuration setting:

Go to WooCommerce-> RMA Configuration -> Mail Configuration setting

And from this setting, you can set complete mail setting for WooCommerce refund and exchange (WooCommerce RMA) process.

How do I customize the emails that the customer will receive to match my brand colors through WooCommerce RMA plugin?

For this, Please go to RMA Setting -> Mail Configuration Setting -> Refund setting and there is a checkbox “Enable for custom email template” ,check this check box and just below there is an editor in which you can design your custom email template which will match with your brand color.

Is Return Refund and Exchange for WooCommerce plugin Compatible with WPML?

Yes, this plugin is compatible with WordPress Multilingual (WPML). With this, the sellers can translate the complete RMA solution that Return Refund and Exchange for WooCommerce offers and allows international users or multi-lingual buyers to use the return refund, exchange, and cancel feature flawlessly without any language barrier.
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