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  • Design and interface
  • Automation for order
  • Fully automated refund and exchange system


WooCommerce RMA For Dokan plugin is a complete solution for any kind of refunds and exchanges requests.
It gives your customers an easy and simple way to apply Refund/Exchange/Cancel Order requests and much more. The whole process of refund/exchange goes under a proper mailing system.

RMA for dokan


Top Features


Streamline Refund

WooCommerce RMA for Dokan will provide a solid framework for your users to ask for refund rma with valid reason.

Easy Exchanges

Here refund and exchange for Dokan with smooth platform for the exchanges which gets flipped with other products. The user can send multiple WooCommerce exchange request up to the available days and if any request is already processed.


Say no to whole ‘Cancel Order’

Dokan features smooth way for adding cancel order feature for the admin. This dokan plugin assist your customers not to cancel the whole order, just need to remove unwanted product from the order.

Smooth wallet refund transfer

The merchant can enable refund amount to get added to customer’s wallet. This will provide a smooth gateway to customer. WooCommerce RMA for Dokan plugin will provide with Management of customer wallet from the Customer edit page.


Notification on each step

WooCommerce RMA for Dokan will provide notification for steps like Refund Request sent, Refund Request received, Exchange Request sent, exchange Request received and Exchange Request Cancel.

Plugin Screenshot


Refund Request Setting


Exchange Request Setting


Common Request Setting


Cancel Order Setting


Wallet Setting


Text Setting


Catalog Setting


Admin Notification Setting


Basic E-mail Notification


Vendor Setting


Vendor Dashboard


Vendor Notification Section


Customer Account Section

What our customers say

4 reviews for WooCommerce RMA For Dokan

  1. Deborah Ann

    Very easy to use, it manages refund and exchange automatically and you don’t have to worry about that anymore. This is what I was looking for, a real-time savior.

  2. Jeff Goldblum

    Thank you, the plugin works well and the responses to my inquiries were instantaneous and effective.

  3. Lucifer

    Exceptional support and communication. They care about their clients and they deliver fantastic items and services.

  4. Modeste Ann

    The only one & unique plugin which I got for my store. Amazing for what I need… Thanks to team. Recommend you all to give a try to this extension.

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How Can We use WooCommerce Refund And Exchange For Dokan Plugin?

If you want to use WooCommerce Refund and Exchange For Dokan plugin, then you must have WooCommerce, WooCommerce Refund and exchange plugin and Dokan plugin.

Vendor can be Manage the refund and exchange Request?

Yes, Vendor manage the refund and exchange request. For that, First Go to RNX Dokan Setting >> Click on RMA Confriguration >> Click on RMA Dokan >> Enable the Allow Vendor to manage the Refund and Exchange request setting >> Click on Save changes Button.

Vendor Can be Manage Refund the money in Customer Wallet?

Yes, Vendor Have the permission to Refund the money in Customer Wallet, First Go to Dokan Setting >> Click on RMA Confriguration >> Click on RMA DOkan >> Enable Allow Vendor to Refund Money in Customer Wallet setting >> Click on Save changes Button.

When Vendor Will Manage there Refund and Exchange Requests?

Any refund and exchange request send by customers display on the admin panel as well as vendor panel if the admin grants the permission to the vendor.

Vendor can be Manage the refunded Product Stock?

Yes, Vendor Manage the Refunded Product Stock ,First Go to RMA Dokan Setting -> Click on RMA Confriguration -> Click on RMA Dokan to allow vendor to Refunded Product Stock setting -> Click on Save changes Button.

Where Vendor will show the Refund And Exchange Request?

If the vendor wants to check the refund/exchange request then click on the Show Refund/Exchange Request.After clicking on the Show Refund/Exchange Request, Shows two types of request first are refund request and the second is Exchange request.First Go to My Account Page >> Click on Go to Vendor Dashboard Button >> Scroll Down the Page >> Click on Show RAE Request .

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