WooCommerce Refund & Exchange WC-Vendor Addon

WC-Vendor Addon

This plugin for WooCommerce Refund & Exchange WC-Vendor Addon helps the vendors to sell their product on a new formed automated platform. This also makes a modernize process for Refund & Exchange.

Additionally, this extension is all new better solution which also manages request and other related information on refund and exchange which was handled by admin, which resulted lowering of selling products by the customers and moving on to next seller's product.

So, to curb down that situation the vendor can automate and handle refunds and exchange request with ease. It is the whole-sole discretion of the vendor to grant permission to accept or reject the customer's refund and exchange request.

Note: For the ones who are using WC vendor and do not have WooCommerce Refund and Exchange plugin on their site, need to get it installed so that they could experience a seamless automated service of WooCommerce Refund & Exchange WC-Vendor Addon plugin with ease.

On the other hand, if the vendor does have WooCommerce Refund and Exchange plugin, he can surely use this new WooCommerce Refund & Exchange WC-AddOn extension and experience well-automated processes by the vendor's end too!



  • Allows the vendor of the product to handle refund and exchange request.

  • The vendor will get benefitted with the refund and exchange panel (extended by the admin) for better and direct granting permission.

  • The vendor can grant permission by accepting/rejecting the request for the permission for the product.

  • Benefit both the admin as well the vendor for refund and exchange WC-Vendor addon.

  • Automate the process between the vendor-Admin-customer which was earlier just one-to-one process.

How does it work?


  • WooCommerce Refund and exchange WC-Vendor Addon frames a new platform for the admin as well the vendor to reciprocate for refund and exchange product.

  • This will help the vendor to know directly, which of his product is getting refund and exchange.

  • As the discretion of the vendor, he can accept the request or decline of the refund and exchange product.

  • If the refund request is accepted, the vendor refund amount to the customer manages his stocks.

  • If the exchange request is accepted, the vendor easily exchanges the product easily.

 Key Features


  • Admin can grant permission on accepting/rejection return & exchange requests: Being the super admin at power, he can decide upon granting acceptance or rejecting any return or exchange request if he feels applicable.

  • Notification on every step will be received by both vendor and admin: An automated process will send out a notification to both admin and the vendor on the processes on return and exchange-add on.

  • Admin allows the vendor to refund money in customer's wallet or manage refunded product stock: Admin can guide the vendor to refund back the money in customer's wallet or manage it as refunded product stock.

  • Admin permits vendor for managing panel for smooth automation: Admin helps the vendor through vendor panel so that the vendor can manage all the related processes of refund and exchange easily.

  • This extension is functional only with the help of WC Vendor and WooCommerce refund and exchange: Being the main supporting platform, WC Vendor & WooCommerce refund and exchange plugin extends a platform for smooth functioning of all new plugin 'Refund and Exchange WC Vendor-Add On' which will automate the refund and exchange process between the customer and the vendor with ease.


Q. How do I use this addon or what are the dependencies for this?

Before using this addon, please make sure that you are ready for the setup of one of our WooCommerce Refund & Exchange plugin.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This plugin is the best-automated platform for the refund and exchange policies. Also, their support and services are according to the users perspective.

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