• Allows your customers to earn points on activities
  • Helps loyalize customers to purchase from the same store
  • Reward your customers in exchange for loyalty
  • Redeem discounts, coupons, etc. motivates your customers’ loyalty


Points And Rewards For WooCommerce plugin increase customer retention, customer lifetime value, and purchase frequency with its powerful features. Have a quick look at them:

Reward and Redeem Points: Customers have the opportunity to earn points for different activities like Sign Up, Referrals, Reviews, Purchase, etc. They can also redeem points as discounts and use the generated coupons for their purchase.

Membership Benefits: Merchants can create multiple membership tiers to offer exclusive benefits. Customers can use the earned points to join the membership to grab those discounts.

Points Log Report: With this Points And Rewards Plugin, the customer can view & manage their points transaction. This feature shows the details of every points transaction for a particular customer in the Points tab in My Account section.

Points Notification Through Email: The plugin provides you the feature to send emails to your customers to notify them about their redeemed and remaining points. You can edit the email message for different scenarios and send it to the customers.

Referral Points: Merchants can provide points on referral signup as well as on the referral purchase through this plugin. He/she can specify how many points a customer will get when a user successfully registers through the referral link.

Points Table: Merchants can track the points log for every customer in the Points Table section. Along with the tracking, he/she can also update the points from a particular user’s account through this feature.

Points Adjustments On Order Refund & Cancellation: This plugin automatically deducts the issued points from a customer’s account if he/she refunds or cancels an order.

Points on Order Total: Merchant can create multiple conditions to offer a fixed amount of points if a customer’s order value falls under a set price range.

Points For Selected User Role Only: This feature allows the admin to restrict the points allotment to users for selected user-roles only. new

User Notification Addon: With this feature of the Points and Rewards Plugin, the admin doesn’t require to purchase the add-on plugin for extended “user notification” features. They can easily share the real-time points balance and notifications to their users while guiding them to earn more points and rewards. new

Quick Info

  • Requires: WordPress 5.0 or higher
  • Compatible up to: WordPress 5.5.x
  • Requires: WooCommerce 4.0 or higher
  • Compatible up to: WooCommerce 4.6.x
  • Minimum PHP version: 5.6
  • Version: 1.1.2

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Reward systems are best known to build brand loyalty.

Increase lifetime customer value.

Helps in increasing your customer conversion rate.

Enhances the average order value for your products.

Motivates existing customers to drive repeat sales.

Get the word of mouth marketing free of cost.

Rewards loyal customers with points and discounts.

Allow points to customers on various activities.

Top Features

Sign Up Points

Customers can earn points for unique signups with this Points Management plugin. Merchants can enable the Sign-Up reward feature from the General Settings of the plugin and enter the number of points they want to offer on every unique sign up.

Referral Points

With this Points and Rewards plugin, merchants can offer reward points to the referrer for every unique referral. For example, if user A shares his referral link with user B, and user B signs up using A’s referral link, user A will receive the reward points. Admin just needs to enable the referral points option from the General settings and enter the number of points and minimum referrals required.

Referral Purchase Point

The customer can earn points if their referrer makes a purchase using their referral link. Merchants can enable this feature from the General setting of the plugin, select the reward method between Fixed and Percentage, and add the points/percentage to be offered on a referral purchase.

Assign Product Points

Using this WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin, merchants can assign points to the products as well as different categories. Merchants can assign a similar amount of points to all the available products of their WooCommerce store. Or can also add different numbers of points to each category. He/she can do this from the Assign Products Setting of the plugin.

Review/Comments Points

This reward management plugin allows you to offer points on comments and reviews. You can offer a set amount of points to the customer whenever he/she submits a review on a product page or a comment on a blog page. You need to enable this feature from the General Settings of the plugin and add the number of points you want to offer on every review/comment.

Per Currency Points

With the WooCommerce Points And Rewards plugin, your customers can earn points against each dollar they spend on your store. You need to enable this feature from the Per Currency Points setting of the plugin and set the conversion like how many points you want to offer on set order value.

For example, you can either offer 1 point on every dollar or 1 point on every $20 spent on your store.

Point Conversion And Coupon Generation

With this plugin, you can let your customers convert the earned points into coupons You need to enable this feature from the Per Currency Settings of the plugin and set the monetary value a customer can redeem through a specific amount of points. For example, you can allow your customers to convert 100 points into 1 dollar.

You can also configure the coupon settings like its usage, min/max spending limit, coupon length, and much more.

Points Expiration

The admin can set the expiration period for the points earned by the customers from the Points Expiration setting of the plugin. He/she only needs to enable this feature from the Points Expiration setting of the plugin and add the required threshold for the points to be expired. Along with this, the admin can also set the number of days he wants to notify his customers before for the expiration. And edit the email message that will be delivered to the customers to notify them.

Build Membership

This feature of the plugin helps you build your own membership program to reward your loyal customers. Here, the admin can create multiple tiers of the membership and add the required number of points to join it. Also, he can add the products and discounts he wants to offer to the members of that level and. The expiration for that specific membership can also be set through this feature.

Points Table

The Points Table feature allows merchants to check the number of points every customer has in his/her account. Merchants can also add or deduct points directly from their accounts through this feature. This feature also lets the admin check the Point Log report and all the coupons generated by a particular customer.

Points Log

The Points Log feature allows customers to track every point transaction that took place on their account. Customers can navigate to their My Account section and click on the Points button and then on the View Point Log to check the points transaction on their account.

Points Adjustments on Refund & Cancellation

This feature of the plugin auto-adjusts and manages the points transaction for the order refunded or canceled. For example, if a customer places the order and it is completed. He will receive the points in his account. But if he returns that order successfully, those points will be automatically deducted from his account.

Points On Order Total

Through this feature, merchants can offer a fixed number of points if the order value ranges between the set amount. For example, if the merchant has set a condition where the customer will receive 20 points if his order value lies between 20 to 50 dollars, whenever a customer makes a purchase which is somewhere between this range, he will receive 20 points. A merchant can create multiple rules here to offer a different number of points for a different range of order value.

Email Section Updation

This feature allows the admin to update and modify the required changes in the email section before sending email notifications to the customers. For example, updating the email templates, etc.

Points For Selected User Role Only

Through this feature of Points and Rewards plugin, merchants can allow the points allotment to customers for selected user roles only. For example, the merchants can select user roles like sign-up or referral and set the point scale for it. The customer then will only get points when he/she performs the same activity else not.

User Notification Addon

With the addition of this feature, the merchant now doesn’t require to purchase the Addon plugin for Points and Rewards’ extended functionalities. The merchant can simply share the real-time notifications to customers updating them about their points balance and transaction history. This feature also enables the merchant to share the points notifications to guest users along with the registered users and also guide them further on the ways to earn more points and rewards.

Reset Customer Points Log

With the help of this feature, the admin now has the access to reset the Points log for their customers as and when required. This feature is really beneficial for the merchants to avoid discrepancies and confusion over points earned or redeemed by the user. Also in case of points expiration or renewal period, this feature is explicitly beneficial.

Delete Customer Generated Coupons

The WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin allows its customers to generate custom coupons while customizing the gift cards for their loved ones which are sometimes more objective than the purpose. To avoid misuse or sentimental hemorrhage, the admin can delete such customer-generated coupons using this feature of the plugin.

Free vs Pro

Features Free Version Pro Version
Sign Up Points
Referral Points
Assign Product Points Globally
Per Dollar Spent Points
Redeem Points on the cart
Manually update customer points for any reason
Points Table
Points Log
Points Notification
Points on order total
Referral Purchase Point
Review/Comments Points
Coupon Generation
Points Expiration
Multi-level Membership Feature
Assign Product Points category and per-product
Point Usage Limitation
Import Users Points
Points Sharing
Points Adjustments on Refund & Cancellation

Plugin Screenshot

Referral Setting

Referral Setting

Redemption Setting

Redemption Setting

Per Currency

Point Per currency Setting

Coupon Setting

Coupon Setting

Points Table

Points Table

Membership Settings

Membership Setting

Membership Log

Membership Log

Assigning Points

Assigning Points

Purchase Through Points

Purchase Through Points

Points Expiration

Points Expiration

Order Total Points

Order Total Points

Membership List

Membership List

Points Conversion

Points Conversion

Referral Link

Referral Link

Apply Points

Apply Points

Comment Setting

Comment Setting

Email Notification Setting

Email Notification Setting

Notification Addon Setting

Notification Addon Setting

Text Setting

Text Setting

What our customers say

8 reviews for Points And Rewards For WooCommerce

  1. Theeraphat Tovanasutr

    I have tried many rewards plugins until I found this. Points and Rewards for woocommerce is a fully-loaded plugin with varied features. This plugin lets you provide the rewards points on the different events. Although the free version has limitations to it at least they are far less in comparison to other plugins. I loved using this plugin in comparison to old plugins I have used in the past. The support team is also very cool and carefully considers all the doubts and queries resolved in time.

  2. Phraisohn Siripool

    The support is very great. I need some help and suggestion, they respond very quickly. The plugin is working well for the Points and Rewards System.

  3. Kevin Swart

    Plugin is really easy to understand and the accompanying video is very self explanatory as well as the documentation. I would like to be able to brand the Notification emails as they are very basic at the moment.

  4. Pamela Gillon

    Wonderful easy to use plugin.
    Great customer service also on the points and rewards plug in. Customers are loving it and it is increasing the sales.

  5. Nelsonchu

    Easy UI, systematic architecture, this plugin is a customer retention solution that aims to engage customers by offering them points for activities they perform on your store like signup, purchase, referrals, etc. Customers can redeem points with purchase discounts and participate in the membership program.

  6. Seth Harris

    Great program, great customer service, definitely recommend getting it. I was actually stuck on one part and the Make Web Better team fixed it in a very reasonable time frame.

  7. Armin

    I have bought the premium version of this plugin and it works perfectly. I needed some modifications (theme and plugin) and the support team always helped me with great patience and high-quality support.

  8. Luke Santamaria

    Being the owner of an eCommerce store and seeing the market trends I really felt the need to start a loyalty program for my eCommerce store too. The Points & Rewards plugin by MakeWebBetter is full of great features and has been very reliable too. Its functionality and customer support provided has been fantastic.

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What is the difference between “Redeem Points Conversion” and “Per $ Points Conversion” and also what is the use of “Assigned Product Points”?

1. Redeem Points Conversion: – In this Merchant can set the amount for converting reward points to generate the coupon. For example, if you have set 1 point will be equivalent to the 1$ (for your site) and if any user has 50 points then he /she will get the coupon amount of 50 after converting it from the ‘My Account’ section’.

2. Per $ Points Conversion: – For this setting, let’s take an example if Merchant has set the $1 = 1point (for their site) and any customer will purchase any product with 50$ then he/she will be rewarded with 50 points.

3. Enter Product Points: – In this Merchant can select some product and can set the Points for a particular product and if any user will purchase that selected product he /she will be rewarded with those Points.

I don’t see the points menu option in the My Account menu in Points and Rewards plugin?

After activating the Points and reward plugin “The points tab” will be visible to only register customers not to Admin. We suggest you check once with registering as a customer.

I don’t know why? How many points that customers can get in the product hasn’t shown up on the page?

Please make sure that the product which has assigned some points should enable the setting “Enable Points Per Product” from Backend ( Product edit page).
After enabling this checkbox “Enable Points Per Product” the Points should be shown on the single product page.

I already set the $ point conversion But it doesn’t show up anywhere and the share button also not shown up?

This setting would not be visible to any product page, But If you want to notify users that if they place an order they would be rewarded with some points, for this you can use the setting “Enter Ways to Gain Point Section” in General Tab. Whatever text you’ll put in this text area it will get displayed to the User’s “My Account” Page.

How refer works in Points and Rewards?

After customers successfully log in and enable the referral setting by admin, customer will get a referral link , Now the referred customer have to successfully register using referral link then referee will get the referral points.

In how many ways can the customers earn points when they are over my site?

There are many ways through which customers can earn points. They are –
1. On registration
2. On review/comment
3. On referral
4. On Purchase
5. On Referral Purchase, and more.

Is there any feature in the plugin by which we can give the points on the order total?

Yes, The plugin offers the following setting for the customers to earn points on their order total.To enable this setting, go to the plugin setting>order total points tab>Enable the settings for the orders>Enter Points with Order Range.

Can we set the point expiration time?

Yes, there is the setting of the expiration of points in the plugin. For this you have to go to the plugin setting>go to the Points expiration tab>points expiration section, through this, you set the threshold required and set the point expiration time.

How do users notify that his/her point has reached the expiry limit?

There are two methods through which users can be notified about point expiration
1. On the user account page
2. By email notification

Can admin check or monitor points of all the customers in the admin dashboard?

Yes, We provide the tab Point table in our plugin settings. Admin can simply go to that section and can check points of all the respected customers.

Can admin import the CSV of the user points?

Yes, admin can import the CSV file of all the users. For enabling this setting,the admin may go to the plugin setting>point table tab>choose CSV file>click on the browse>import.

Does admin have the right to add loyalty points to their loyal customer’s account?

Yes, the admin has the right to add the points to their loyal customer’s account. Also, they have the ability to even deduct their
points;For this, admin may go to the plugin setting > point table tab > select user > choose +/- > enter points > enter remark > update

Is there any feature to enable customers to share their points with other users?

Yes, customers can share their points with the other user simply by entering their email address and the points count.

From where can customers see all records of the points spent and earned?

Customers can see their total points balance on their my account page >Point tab>click on the view points log.

From where can we get the shortcodes for the plugin?

To get this feature you may go to the plugin setting>other setting tab>shortcode.

Is there any shortcode by which we can show the points of the customer on the shop page or any other pages?

Yes, we provide the shortcode which you can use on any page where you want. You can connect with us for the shortcode at [MYCURRENTPOINT].

How can points be redeemed using this plugin?

The points can be redeemed, using this plugin by directly applying the point in cart as well as on the checkout page and also by converting the points to the coupon.

Where can we enable the setting of redeeming the point on a purchase?

To enable the settings for redeeming the points, go to the plugin setting>general setting>go to the redemption setting(cart and checkout)>save the setting.

How can we enable the coupon conversion setting?

For this you have to go to the plugin setting>per currency point and coupon setting>coupon setting tab and do all the required setting accordingly.

How do customers get the benefit of membership?

For this customer go to my account page then points tab and there is a membership section where user upgrades the membership level according to their points and gets the benefit of that level.

How do customers identify the benefits of that membership level benefits?

On the membership list section where user membership is listed each level has a view benefit button. When the user clicks on this button, they get the benefits of the particular level.

How can admin create the levels of membership?

The admin can create the levels of their membership program using this plugin. To do so, admin may go to the plugin setting >membership tab>enable the membership setting>then create the membership level>save the setting or click on the add more button to create another level.

Can a single user get the benefit of more than one membership level?

No, a single-user does not get the benefits of more than one membership level. At a single point of time, he/she can only get the benefits of one membership level.

How do we create a referral link?

To create a referral link, go to the plugin setting >general tab>on referral section, here admin do all the setting related to the referral link.

In how many ways can the referral link be shared?

There are 3 ways from where you can share the referral link. They are –
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Email

3. WhatsApp

Can the limit for minimum referrals requirement be set before allowing the points to the customers?

Yes, This plugin offers a feature to set the minimum number of referrals required to allow points. It can be enabled via the admin. To do so, go to the plugin setting>general>referral setting section>enter a minimum number of referrals required.

Can we set the limitation or restriction on referral purchase that referral users get the point only when referred to user purchase?

Yes, we have the setting related to the referral purchase limit. For this you have to go to the plugin setting>general setting tab>referral section>enable referral purchase limit>set the number of orders for referral purchase limit.
From here you can set the number of orders required for the referral point.

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