What is One Click Order and Re-order?

  • The One Click Order Re-order has come up with a facility of placing previously placed orders again, regardless of status at e-store.
  • Therefore, the One Click Order Re-order is the extension is the best platform that will help buyers to make updations in placed orders.
  • It will ultimately lead to an amazing shopping experience both to the customers as well as the buyers.
  • The One Click Order Re-order is featured with an amazing basket that will catch the eyes of customers on the shop page. Moreover, they will be able to exclude products whenever they want to.

Quick Info

Compatible With WooCommerce 4.3.3, WordPress 4.9.4

Minimum PHP version 5.4

Version 1.0.0

Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Files Included JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP

Released October 2018

Translation ready Yes

Languages English

Full Package of Features and Benefits

Enhance your business with the enhanced engagement of your Customers!!
woocommerce one click order re-order


The One Click Order Re-order lets buyer to add products of placed order again by reordering it.

Simply the buyer has to move onto My Accounts page, Reorder button appears next to each placed order and beside View button, click on Reorder button and just after this, it will redirect you to cart page.

Placed Order Updation

The WooCommerce repeat order plugin lets the buyers to make updation in the placed order. He just needs to take the basket and pick undesirable products out of it.

On MyAccount Page, the Place Same Order button is shown next to each order and beside View button.

Simply there is a need to click this button, pop up will be opened that will allow buyers to exclude products they do not want to buy and at the same time can update the number of products.

woocommerce one click order re-order Placed Order Updation

woocommerce one click order re-order Basket Feature

Basket Feature

The WooCommerce repeat order plugin lets buyers to have trolley support at the time of shopping. By default, this plugin comes with a default basket image.

In case the user wants to change the image, simple he has to make backend settings that are too quick. Moreover clicking on this basket will open a popup, from there buyer can exclude undesirable products and can update product quantity as well at the very same time.

Looking for more features?

  • Real-time operation
  • Easy and quick admin Settings
  • Works with all WooCommerce compatible themes
  • A common place for everything for everyone
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Place previously placed order again in just a click.
  • Manual Basket Settings
  • Basket feature availability.
  • Wrapping Up Lines for One Click Order Re-order Extension

    Re-Order Your WooCommerce Orders By One Click is exactly the main aim to be accomplished. The WooCommerce repeat order plugin is the extension that has emerged as the best platform for all the merchants running ecommerce stores to attract customers and keep them delighted for long.

    Learn How Our Extension Helps You Set You Up For Your Success

    Coming to the conclusion what reminds us is that it is not an end even this is an immense beginning for store merchants towards a development of an amazing world of wonderful website performance which is empowered with WooCommerce Re-Order power and great dedication directed in the way of overall success.

    Believe to Discover Success

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