WooCommerce Partial COD

cash on delivery

This WooCommerce Partial Cash On Delivery plugin would help many of the merchants of e-commerce store who have faced problems in getting genuine buyers while they are purchasing products online while using COD. This solution with help the merchant to recover the charges which are levied at the time of Cash On Delivery.

This plugin will help the merchant to impose charges at the time of online purchase so that he could fetch genuine buyers.

For instance, this plugin can impose any sort of charges on the product to reach the buyer's place without any hassle. On the hand, if the customer doesn't feel to buy the product which he/she has purchased or does not like the product which has been sent via COD process, the earlier transaction will equalize the process. This plugin is fully functional for e-commerce store and sustains cash on delivery system on their delivery page.



  • Woocommerce Partial Cash On Delivery is a complete set for the merchant of an e-commerce store and incurs less of losses in business front.

  • This will streamline the process of finalizing the purchasing system.

  • The admin can see how many customers have to manage with their shipping charge and how many have already paid in real time.

  • Display custom message when the deposit option will be chosen.

 Key Features


  • Its main purpose is to help the merchant: It is known fact that customer is the king of the market, but the merchant is the creator of that market and certainly, he cannot run in losses. So, this trick to save partial amount from the e-commerce is the best.

  • Admin can levy product wise amount, order wises amount, shipping wise amount and taxwise amount: Admin can equalize the other charges which are apart from the main product with ease. This will support the idea of partial payment with cash on delivery as the final stage.

  • Select deposit type i.e. fixed value or percentage: Here, admin can choose the select type according to his product page and the product chosen in the cart. Here the admin can select the fixed amount of the product which will fetch the complete amount of the service other than main product and in percentage, the admin will levy the percentage set on the product amount.

  • Admin will get initial amount instantly: WooCommerce Partial COD plugin for Cash On Delivery will call partial amount in the pocket of the merchant through shipping charges and the tax levied with ease. Earlier, there was no money transaction which was foreseen before getting the complete amount from the customer.

  • Provides transparency to the system: As an additional benefit, this plugin for cash on delivery will extend transparency to the whole process and wonder not bother merchant's pocket much for shipping charge.

How does it work?


  • WooCommerce Partial COD plugin will frame easy steps for the admin to earn prior charges for sending out the product for cash on delivery proposal.

  • This will help the admin to tap with the information of the customer that how much he had paid for the product.

  • This plugin will also help the admin to select the deposit type i.e. Fixed / Percentage.

  • This will encourage the admin to get initiate amount of the payment thread instantly.

  • Inspire the admin to have an all-new transparent process of payment.

Its main purpose is to help the merchant to save partial amount from the e-commerce.

cash on delivery


Admin can set product wise amount, order wise amount, shipping wise amount and taxwise amount

cash on delivery



Select deposit types like fixed value or percentage of product chosen by the customer

cash on delivery


Admin will get initial amount instantly from the customer

cash on delivery



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