What is Show Price On Login?

  • The WooCommerce hide price until logged in has been developed to have registered users for WooCommerce stores by hiding product prices in WooCommerce.
  • The guest’s users will have to log in to take the advantages of the plugin.
  • The admin can define user roles via backend settings and only those user roles will be able to see the product prices.
  • It shows prices to only authenticated users.

Essential Features and Benefits

show price on login Requires Guests to Get Registered

Requires Guests to Get Registered

This feature hides prices for guest users and requires them to register on the website to view product prices. It significantly increases registered customers in number and enhances the importance of authentication.

Show Price to Authenticated Users

This feature requires the users to possess a required password to see product prices on the website. Possession of a password is possible only in one condition, the site-visitor should be an authenticated user.

show price on login Show Price to Authenticated Users

show price on login Show Price To Specific User Role

Show Price To Specific User Role

This feature setting allows the merchants to show prices by user role for WooCommerce.This feature helps the user to allow only certain sections of site visitors to see the product prices based on their roles such as editor, author, subscriber, etc. This increases the number of potential and regular users as well.

Extra Security Via Captcha Verification

In Show Price On Login plugin, this is the additional feature of a plugin that allows a user to add captcha verification to registration/login form via captcha settings. It ensures a secured login to the user’s website. It can easily be enabled or disabled.

show price on login Extra Security Via Captcha Verification

show price on login Hide Price In Order Email

Hide Price In Order Email

Under the Hide Price Until Login Feature, the user can retain the prices of the products purchased by site-visitors in the new order email. Based on preference the user can hide price from email either for logged-in users or not-logged-in users or for both.

More Exciting Features

  • Unhide product price only with correct password entry.
  • Hides product price from shop page and product detail page both.
  • The plugin is fully customizable and dynamic.
  • Possess excellent language support.
  • Shop page displays only product details even if it is a simple product.
  • All features of the plugin can be enabled/disabled anytime anywhere.
  • Easy installation, usage, and configuration.
  • Unlogged users cannot view product prices.


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