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PasswordLess login with Facebook Account Kit For WORDPRESS

PasswordLess login with Facebook Account Kit For WORDPRESS plugin is a much secure and highly reliable plugin when it comes to getting your data into safer hands. Leaving the old trend of accessing the websites/apps through “UserName+Password”  this plugin brings in the new feature to login/register the websites without the headache of remembering password.

The PasswordLess login with Facebook Account Kit For WORDPRESS plugin lets the users create numerous accounts on different sites thus, increasing traffic on their websites.  It avails the same features to the guest users as well.

It avails the users with the facility of passwordless login.  PasswordLess login with Facebook Account Kit For WORDPRESS plugin is something that is being used by various applications worldwide.

What is Passwordless Login?

We keep on hearing a lot of news regarding password breakage and there is no wondering about it since passwords these days can be easily cracked no matter how tough it is framed as. To avoid all such mis-happenings there is this Passwordless Login that has come up into the digital world and is gaining a lot of names.

Passwordless logins as the name suggests are basically a way to configure the login without a password. To sort the issues of remembering credentials for various accounts, “PasswordLess login with Facebook Account Kit For WORDPRESS” provides the best solution.

What is Account Kit?

Account kit helps the users quickly register for apps using just an active phone number or email address – no password is needed. It's reliable, easy to use and gives the users a choice about how they can sign up for apps. Account Kit is powered by Facebook's email and SMS sending infrastructure for reliable scalable performance with global reach. Because it uses email and phone number authentication, Account Kit doesn't require a Facebook account and is the ideal alternative to a social login.

How secure is the passwordless login?

Security has been one of the prime concerns for every merchant and customer so far. Almost everyone prefers to gain high authentication level to secure their data, which is both obvious and one of the major issues these days. Since with so many accounts online, not all of us can afford to remember those tricky passwords for long.

Passwordless authentication is becoming an increasingly relevant option for login. Users are connected to more devices and have more accounts than ever, which means that the passwordless approach is only growing more convenient for users.

Authentication with link via email

The user is asked to submit their email address, entering which a referral link is generated which is further mailed to the user. When the link is clicked by the user, the server verifies that the referral is valid and exchanges it for a long-lived token, which is stored in the users’ database. There will also be checks on the server to ensure that the link was clicked within a certain period, e.g, five minutes.

Authentication with a one-time code via SMS

The user is asked to enter a valid phone number. A unique one-time code is then sent to the phone number which is valid only for some limited time i.e. five minutes. Once the user enters this code into their application, the app validates that the code is correct and that the phone number exists and belongs to the user.


How it Works?

The PasswordLess login Facebook Account Kit WORDPRESS plugin  operates in two methods, the user can opt for anyone of them.

Email Verification

  1. To login/Register, a website the user enters an email address.
  2. The user receives a link to the entered email address.
  3. The user is redirected to the required page by clicking on the received link.

Phone Verification

  1. The another way of logging in or registering to some website is by entering the contact number.
  2. The customer needs to enter the active phone number in the given area.
  3. Next the user receives an instant code on the registered number.

The user needs to enter this code for a successfully login.


  • Hikes website conversion rate.
  • Provides better experience to site users.


Main Features

  • Lets the user avail the Passwordless login feature.
  • No Facebook Account required for login.
  • Comparatively easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Skips the long registration process.
  • Works well for new as well as old users.
  • Support for shortcode.




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