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PasswordLess LOGIN with FACEBOOK Account Kit for WOOCOMMERCE plugin helps the users to become password-free and abstains them from remembering those complicated credentials. It is a much secure and quick way for the users to register themselves without the fear of their substantiation to be breached.

All the user needs is an active contact number or an email ID. One may fear to use it for the first time but a recent survey showed that it is successfully being used by more than 30% of the online users across the globe.

The PasswordLess LOGIN with FACEBOOK Account Kit for WOOCOMMERCE has proved to be safer than the traditional ways of signing in. To abscond people from remembering the difficult passwords this plugin creates the login through One Time Passwords, thus retaining the users from handling bunches of passwords.

What is Account Kit ?

Account kit is highly reliable and easy to use. It quickly registers and log into apps using the phone number or email address as passwordless credentials. It is powered by Facebook's email and SMS sending infrastructure for scalable performance with global reach. Because it uses email and phone number authentication, Account Kit doesn't require a Facebook account and is the ideal alternative to login.

Account Kit works with over 230 country codes and is available in over 40 languages.

How it Works ?

The PasswordLess LOGIN with FACEBOOK Account Kit for WOOCOMMERCE works efficiently in two ways, so the user can adopt any of the measures to login and enter the site.

Email Verification:

  1. If the user opts to initiate the login or registration through the email verification method then they simply need to enter their active email in the area given.
  2. Next, the user receives a link or a One Time Code on their mentioned email ID.
  3. The user needs to click on the received link or enter the One Time Code to access their login/registration.

Phone Verification:

  1. If the user wants the access through phone verification method then they simply need to enter their active contact number and it must be available at that time.
  2. A One Time Code is sent to the registered number.
  3. This OTC needs to be entered in the given section.

If wrong OTC ( One Time Code ) is entered then the user will be notified to enter the number again, same OTC cannot be used again and again.

How secure is the password-less login?

Our so busy schedule restrains us from keeping so much details in mind. Passwordless logins are considered as the most secure form of login these days, they have preceded the traditional:(“account name+password”) login system long back since there is no fear of the data getting breached.

Passwordless authentication has become an increasingly relevant option for login. Users no more fear to create new accounts and remember their credentials. We understand the hectic schedule of people and to ease out their stress, we have come up with this new feature of login/registering. It eliminates the problem of using an unsafe password.

Authentication with link via email:

Users enter their active email address, after which a referral link is generated and mailed to the user instantly. When the referral link is clicked by the user, the server verifies if the referral is valid and exchanges it for a long-lived token, which is stored in the users’ database. This instantly sent link is valid only for a limited period of time say 5 minutes. Thus, the user needs to enter the email again if they want to login/register fresh. In the entire process there is no chance of data getting breached.


Authentication with a one-time code via SMS:

The user is asked to enter a valid phone number. An unique one-time code is then sent to the phone number which is valid only for some limited time i.e. five minutes. Once the user enters this code into the application, the app validates that the code is correct and the phone number exists and belongs to the user. Hence, again offering high security.



  • Hikes website conversion rate.
  • Avoids fake COD orders on your store.
  • Provides a better experience for customers.


Main Features

  • Lets the customer avail the Passwordless login feature.
  • Verifies the customer on Guest COD Checkout.
  • No Facebook Account required for login and verification.
  • Links verified mobile number with the COD order.
  • Skips the long registration process.
  • Works well for new as well as old users.
  • Comparatively easy to use and user-friendly.




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