Facebook Social Buttons for WordPress

Facebook Social Buttons for WordPress

After so much of coding and technicalities involved no one ever expects their website to lower down, it's ranking. One follows all the needed tricks and tactics to maintain their page on the top. But does it really work all the time?

You do not excel all the time in your desired work and thus end up disheartening yourself. Well to avoid the same, we have come up with something very useful and productive for you. The “Facebook Social Buttons for WordPress”, it lets you add so many meaningful features to your website.

This plugin comes with social sharing buttons which lets the users share your website content instantaneously on social media.


How does it work?

When we say “buttons” we deal with various different options such as “Like, Share, Send on Facebook etc.

These social buttons are the features of social networking sites. Since Facebook has a grand vision, to connect the entire Internet, and every website on it, with a layer of social integration.

These sharing buttons let you maintain your website's higher rank and avoid the possibilities of slowing your website down.

Other sharing buttons require that users download many additional JavaScript, CSS, and image files. Every additional download increases your site's page loading time. A slow website can lose visitors and lower your Website rank.

This plugin's sharing buttons require no such files thus ensuring better performance and better Website ranking.


Main Features

  • Facebook Sharing for WordPress Posts, Pages and your Store Products.
  • Add Buttons on each post for Sharing.
  • Easily change Facebook button layout, button size in admin panel.
  • Use Shortcode to display Facebook buttons and Page wherever you want.
  • Customize Facebook buttons and Page with the use of Shortcode.


  • Offers Free Advertising.
  • Brings More Traffic.
  • Provides Massive Exposure.
  • Encourages a Good User Experience.
  • A Quality Set of Buttons.
  • Increases Brand Exposure.
  • Helps Develops Natural Links.


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