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This is all-in-one solution on backup restore, clone for your WordPress via OneDrive. It is a complete solution for backup, restore and cloning. This plugin helps to handle in a secured, easy and reliable way on scheduled or on-demand basis.

As you may know, cloning can be useful for configuring WordPress, installing themes, multiple plugins and many more. This also satisfies with OneDrive is safe for storing data which you simply don't want to get misplaced. You can surely, access to files which are offline also via OneDrive.



  • No need to take regular backups.
  • Maintain files and folders for future use.
  • You can protect your website from getting crashed without any sort of backup.
  • Clone WordPress via OneDrive.
  • Restore any backups for future use!

How does it work?

  • For better and safe backup restore, clone for WordPress via OneDrive, you need to first go to WorPress Site for backup.

  • There you will find two peripherals like local server and OneDrive.

  • You can now easily create backup of the WordPress from the address you had installed.

  • From there, you can restore the information/file/folder for future use.

 Key Features


  • FTP: Store your backup handy from where you can easily fetch in no time. This helps in easy restore taken on FTP through restore points.
  • PC: There is nothing safer than your PC. Browse Zip file to restore site and SQL file to restore the database.
  • Quick backup and restoreThis will help you to save your time and space by such backups.
  • Selected files and folders: It is your choice to select files and folders which you want to restore and thereby requires its backups.
  • Cloning backup: Clone your WordPress data via OneDrive and this will help your sites and databases to get cloned separately.
  • Event based: You can simply take the help of this feature when you want to choose the option of event based backups.
  • Regular period: Schedule your backups on daily, weekly and monthly basis via OneDrive with ease.
  • Database backup and restore: Simply, you can download and restore your database on your system to keep it for future.
  • Restore points: This applies for every backup, here you can set date, file, name, restore & delete options.
  • Real time Logs: This manages a record of all activity for best results.
  • Reports: This will help to restore points on your dashboard via OneDrive.
  • Auto deletion: This enables the setting to remove backups automatically after a scheduled time or after a specific number of backups.
  • Multisite support: Network admin can surely well access to backup and restore sites.


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