Want to relocate your WordPress site to another domain or server?
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Afterall it's your web, recheck it before you hand over!

Are sure, you want to move your WordPress site to some new address or different server? You must acknowledge that while moving your WordPress hosting to new domain via migration, most possible shortcomings stand as loss of data and potentials downtime. Through best WordPress migration, we will make sure that it should work just like old domain and previous settings. We believe to transfer your WordPress site to the new address of the hosting within a couple of hours or less (depending on the file size and server type).



 Let's clarify the air...

Before we start out, we need to clarify some of the basic that you should know about WordPress migration. The process of switching to the existing domain to the new one will affect your search engine results and traffic. But, there is nothing to worry. This will take place temporarily and after that, it will normalize. So, you are not the only one with whose WordPress website it is happening, be with the functionality as it happens to all sites that are switched to the newer domain.

Nevertheless, the best part of the migration is that you can simultaneously lower the number of SEO effects while you prepare for the site to a new host.

Thus, we can help you with :

-> Authentic WordPress installation

-> installation of themes

-> Installation of the documentation provided with a theme for proper maintenance

-> Installation of the custom plugins linked with the themes

- > Installing content for documentation with the theme

-> 24x7 available for help

-> Reliable and responsive.


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No issues! Whichever communication medium you choose, you will surely find us without any loss of time. Say, it skypes, email or even lives chats you would find us online 24x7. Let it be any case related to WordPress, WordPress migration, migration, moving your WordPress, web hosting we can surely handle it with great care.


Alert: Don't switch off your pc, your domain is under migration!

First and most important question, why you would choose us?

Here is your answer...

We will be moving your WordPress site to another reliable server account or simply clone it to another domain name. We will surely help you out through our professional experts with whose help you will able to get the most trustworthy web host at a much pocket-friendly price.

Over the globe, we have achieved and have collected many projects like these under belt which have bought better results.

If you ask us, what will be a profitable choice then we will suggest you that this will be the perfect choice for WordPress migration. Whether you want to flip sites or if you want some reliable firm to take charge of your web host process into calm and trusted like, then it is your discretion.

Whichever company you choose for this work, it will ask your full WordPress admin access and web hosting account. But, do you know that firm inside-out. You have our profile type in front of you and we have the large client base to whom we have supported until now.

Make a smart move after all you are moving your WordPress web!

Believe it, we would be by your side while moving your WordPress site!

Believe us because we are for people. We know that WordPress Migration cannot be done over a call or just sitting at home. It needs professional guidance or else there can be mischances of loss or data transfer or half of the data transfer. So, we want to inform you what shall do for your safe web host transfer!

  • HTML, CSS & JS Minification
  • Allowing Gzip Compression
  • Defer parsing of javascript for a safer destination
  • Fixing broken and incomplete commands
  • Configure Etags
  • Optimize .htaccess or conf file
  • Setup website page caching
  • Permit browser caching

Searching for something more? Grab our other WordPress Migration services or simply tap in for your inquiry for better assistance.


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