What is Mautic?

Mautic is a powerful, Open Source marketing platform provides you with the greatest level of integration and deep audience intelligence.
Most importantly, It can take actions and automate them, based on your visitors’/customers’ behaviours. It enables you to make more meaningful connections with your customers interacting with your website.

WooCommerce With Mautic

WooCommerce and Mautic Integration helps in segmenting your customers, set automated campaigns to delight your visitors and customers as well, designed for businesses of any size, which allows you to increase your leads, sales and conversions. With Mautic, you can create highly effective marketing campaigns to grow your business without effort.

The Integration passes all the customer data from your WooCommerce store to Mautic, including:

  • Mautic WooCommerce Integration

    Order Information

  • Mautic WooCommerce Integration

    Recent Activity

  • Mautic WooCommerce Integration

    Abandoned Carts

  • Mautic WooCommerce Integration

    Lifetime Customer Statistics

  • Mautic WooCommerce Integration

    Average Order Value

Automate and personalize:

Abandoned cart nurturing

Using the Mautic campaigns, you can send a timely-triggered series of emails to your customers which includes personalized cart content for those, who abandoned a cart. It automates the follow-up process and increase conversions from cart abandoners.

Mautic WooCommerce Integration

increase repeat sales

Based on the purchase history, you can create personalized emails for your contacts, who have purchased the products or purchased products of same category or haven’t purchased the related useful product so far. Increase your Sales by sending a timed series that automatically includes product images, names, prices and URLs for upsell.

Mautic WooCommerce Integration


Mautic WooCommerce IntegrationQuick and Easy Setup

Mautic WooCommerce IntegrationEmail Automation

Mautic WooCommerce IntegrationEasy Segmentation

Mautic WooCommerce IntegrationReady to use Campaigns

Mautic WooCommerce IntegrationReady to use Email Templates

Mautic WooCommerce IntegrationLead Scoring

Mautic WooCommerce IntegrationEmail Tracking

mautic WooCommerce Integration RFM Based Segmentation

mautic WooCommerce Integration Highly Customizable

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