Increase your conversion rates with sales funnel

Drive Traffic. Form your list. Hike sales! - Primary goal of sales funnels.

A “Successful” sales funnel creation is all that matters. Planning sales funnel stages is a deal, it gives you the opportunity to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

Calculating sales funnel overall conversion rates

Say you have 8000 entrances (visitors) out of which 560 people buy products from your store at the end of the day. In that case, you would account a total of 7% conversion rate (which is considered to be a good number).

However, most of us get stuck with calculating the conversion rates. Below is a small trick to calculate the conversion rate. Here, C depicts the Conversion rates.

(C) = (560:8000) x 100 = 7%

Sales funnel have been trending since quite a long time. Since, help in driving a lot of traffic to your websites.

sales funnel

However, what holds more importance than driving traffic is retaining customers for long. Don’t let your users slip away.

Create effective Landing Pages. Use the email strategy to attract a large mob through your landing pages using CTAs.

Get help from Social Media sites to reach large audiences. Below is a description of the sales funnel stages.

Comprises the clueless section.
AWARENESSVisitors get to learn about your product.
INTERESTProspect actively looks for solutions.
DECISIONDecides to avail advantage of your solution.
ACTIONYour Prospects turn into Customer.

Sales Funnel helps you:

  • Create awareness for your brand, product, or service.
  • Pique interest in what you have to offer.
  • Evoke a desire to purchase through education.
  • Help leads perform a desirable action.
  • Move leads through the funnel to the final purchase.

It is often noticed that visitors of any website may leave your site in less than a minute. So, it is imperative to gather your visitors attention at first place. Else, all your efforts would go in vain.

Bringing a solution to avoid these cumbersome situations. The makewebbetter team has come up with the all NEW- WooCommerce sale Funnel plugin. We understand it gets pressurizing to handle it all at once. So, avoiding these pressurized situations. If you are doing your job as an inbound marketing- Grabbing your audience's attention will not be a difficult task for you.

One of the ultimate goals of inbound marketing is moving viewers towards your website through sales funnels. The website owner must ensure to attract the visitors on their website with special discounts and offers, the moment they are about to leave the website. It helps in converting your potential customers and increases your marketing.

A step closer to WooCommerce sale Funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a set of steps which contains various stages. The visitor needs to cover all these stages before buying any product. One of the main aim of a sales funnel is to sell all your high-priced products, which are generally left unsold. The admin can get these high priced products listed on the skip / Thank You button after purchase with, discount applying the concept of Upsell. Know more about One Click Upsell.

It benefits the customers from wandering around the whole website. Thus, saving their time from finding the most offered products.


How to Build sales Funnel?

Now, that we have already briefed about the sales funnel. It is crucial to analyze few points that the customer expects from us in order to incorporate those points in building our sales funnel. Below are some key points before forming a sales funnel -

  • What do your visitors need?
  • What can you potentially give them?
  • How can you implement those needs and turn them into a product sales funnel?


 Benefits of the sales funnel

Sales funnel demonstrates to be the certain, sure way to attract visitors and convert them to regular customers. Thus, leading more sales to your business. sales funnel offers many benefits to your business. However,  few of the key benefits are discussed below:

  • Sales funnel helps in increasing your total revenues.
  • Sales Funnel increases your conversion rate.
  • Get help in attracting new visitors through the sales funnel.
  • Sales funnel improves your customer relationship management.
  • Sales funnel helps in predicting total sales volume.


WooCommerce sales Funnel plugin contains some really useful features few of them are:

Custom Funnels: This extension provides you with the facility to create your own funnel and assign steps to those funnels accordingly. You can add one of the funnel steps on the shop page.

Admin is offered with two options: sales Funnel and Product Launch. The admin can create funnel steps as per his needs after selecting anyone option.

sales funnel

Create custom funnel steps: Under this setting, the admin can assign custom funnel steps to the sales funnel which will be shown on the front end.

sales funnel

Dedicated Payment methods: This extension provides some dedicated payments methods. So, whenever a user purchases any offered product after navigating. They can easily proceed with the payments.

Supports PayPal and Stripe Payment method.

sales funnel

Forge Plug-in Dependency : Admin must have Forge page builder extension which is open source and freely available on WooCommerce. Using forge builder templates, this extension makes your funnel steps more beautiful and user reachable.

Well, your work doesn’t end here. Instead, you must create a list of all the demands of your prospects in advance. Remember “your customers can make or break your website”.

The journey of every website starts with a single click.

Know the needs of your prospects. Create offers that target their needs. Only then you can come up with effective measures to solve their problems. Analyzing the actual needs of your prospects increases the chances of conversion. Avail your customers with other beneficial plugins such as WooCommerce Gift Card. Get the gift card plugin in your store, which is already equipped with 16 templates. Know more about Gift Card here.

With gifts, refunds are also an eminent part of shopping. Customers today search for stores that comes with the benefits of refunds and exchanges. Read it for yourself- WooCommerce refund and exchange plugin. Because “real eyes never lies” read for yourself and know affective measures to divert traffic on your websites.

We wish you success. Now that you are aware about the sales funnel, we hope you can easily drive high traffic onto your website. Let us know how can we turn out to be of your help. Do leave us your valuable comments.

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