Slack Integration for WordPress and WooCommerce

Slack Integration Plugin enables you to get notified about WordPress and WooCommerce Events on your Slack Workspace channel.Keep an eye on all that is happening in your store and get notified for every single click that is taking place- know who’s doing what.

WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel Pro

WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel avails the vendors to list the products on the funnels, thus redirecting the customers directly to the ongoing offer product. However, the sellers can add another funnel on the skip button or the thank you page so that the customer acknowledges other discounted products.

Discount Win-Wheel For WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Win Wheel is yet another interesting product to attract the customers with discount without any effort. All the customer requires to do is enter their active email ID and spin the wheel. Whoa! It’s done, the customer will be awarded with discount as set by the admin.

WooCommerce Sale Funnel Pro

WooCommerce Sale Funnel was designed to remove the shortcomings. It supports multiple variations such as the admin can avail the customers with varieties of several products and also offer online payment methods, thus making the payment method quick and secure.

Facebook Social Buttons for WordPress

Add buttons to share your posts on Facebook. Automatically displays buttons in your posts. You can also use widgets for Facebook page and Facebook follows button. Select between various options for buttons in admin panel like the layout, button size and other settings.

WooCommerce Variation Update in Cart

WooCommerce Variation Update in Cart lets the customers provide the variations in different segments. It is the best extension for the sellers worldwide, as it provides Flexibility, Simplicity, and Multifunctionality.

Passwordless Login With Facebook Account Kit For WordPress

We have come up with something really very helpful for all of us. It avails you with the facility of passwordless login. It is something that is being used by various applications worldwide such as Medium, Slack and the so-famous WhatsApp.