WooCommerce Variation Master


release version 1.0.4



what variation master offers?

variation customization
global color and image swatches
local color and image swatches
add variable gallery
update cart variation
export color and image swatches

Key Features Includes

update variation on chart page

Variation product at cart page.

variation gallery

On variation tab click "add variation gallery images"

no availability notification

Show disabled product variation note(tool-tip) on fronf-end.

bulk import/export

You can import/export the color/images for all selected attribute terms using our export/import feature

variation swatches

Enabling the switches for color and selecting type to display(image/color)

Variation Master is an Extension by makewebbetter for WooCommerce. It allows admin to addmultiple gallery images for each variation and when visitor selects the variation those galleryimages will be shown as gallery images instead of main product gallery images, can add colorand image swatches, also can allow buyers to change the selected variation on cart page,Variation Master is very easy to use admin can simply Export/Import the variation galleryimages and color or image swatches for all variations, along with the easy global setting featuresadmin has full control to modify the setting for each variation, admin can disable the color andimage swatches for particular variation, can hide/show the attribute name, can change thecolor/swatch images for particular variable product.