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release version 1.1.0



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Referral Point
Sign Up Points
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Key Features Includes


The Merchant can enable points notification through email for customer as soon as their points is increased. Separate email notification setting for every increase in points.


This table list all the users who have received points. The admin can modify user points and delete the user from the table.


The Merchant can set how many time does he want the customers to use the particular coupon.


The Merchant can set the expiry date of the coupons generated by the customer.


Merchant can set the Coupon length from setting. Default length of coupon is 5


Merchant can set that coupon is used as an individual coupon on cart or can be used in conjunction with other coupon cart.

Custom Conversion

The user can be allowed to convert his chosen points out of his total available points to coupon.

Minimum Points Required For Generating Coupon

The admin can set the minimum amoun required by the customer to generate the coupon.


User can generate the coupon by converting it's total points to coupons.

Redeem Points Conversion

The admin is required to enter the points and their correspond price. That is the coupon amount received by the customer on converting each point to coupon price.


The user will be rewarded with points only when they have sucessfully invited given number of member of your websites


As soon as the customer post comments on product or posts they are awarded with points set by the admin.


The admin can set per product purchase points for customer if any customer purchase product then he will got her product purchase points.


The customer are rewarded with points as soon as they register on your website. You can set how many points you want to provide them for registration.


Points are rewarded to users who invites other customers to your website. The referred customer needs to signup for successful points are assignment.

Are you looking for an automated system which provides points to the customers even on Sign Up ? Send the happiness to your loyal customers on Sign Ups, Product Purchase, Reviews over Product and lot more. Customers will get the rewards for their collected points for buying the product from your stores for upto 100% discounts. This plugin lets customers to grab their points and allow them to exchange them with Coupons. WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards attract customers by rewarding them with points. The customers can convert these points to coupon and apply discounts on cart.


for Customer Support

The support so far is incredible. The team take customer requests and recommendations to improve the plug-in. Thank you!

for Customer Support

by webJDG
Took the time to Skype chat and understand my questions—and answer. And a commitment to implement my request in the next release. Which is great! Excellent customer service.

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by caranva
Fast and resolutive technical support. A great professional. He has solved all the problems of my project in less than 12h. Recommended 100%. My problem: Incompatibility with Woocommerce Bookings. Now it works!