WooCommerce Ultimate Gift Card


release version 2.1.4



What Gift Card Offers?

Gift Card Product
Price variation
giftcard creation
automatic coupon generator
email notification
exclude item/category
tax handling
offline gift card
import/export gift cards
resend gift card
schedule gift card

Key Features Includes

Gift card Product

Merchant can create giftcard as a seperate product in woocommerce.

Multiple Usability

User can spend the coupon amount using coupon code multiple times

allow sale items

Merchant can enable/disable sale products from applying giftcard coupon

individual use

Merchant can set whether gift cart coupon is used by single user or multiple user

expiry date

Merchant can set the expiry date from the day when giftcard product is purchased successfully

cart total range

Merchant can set minimum/maximum cart amount range for applying giftcard coupon

Price Variation

Giftcard product have multiple type of pricing:Default price,Selected Price,Price Range,User Price

schedule gift cards

Customer can schedule online gift cards on a specific date.Admin can also schedule the offline gift cards.

resend gift cards

Admin can resend the gift cards to the recipients by adding more amount to the coupon.

Multiple Gift Card

Merchant can create multiple gift card according to the festive seasons and use it.it is easy and simple to use

exclude product

Merchant can exclude product from giftcard coupon.Coupon code is not applied to the excluded products

email notification

A giftcard template is send to user to which giftcard is send.Giftcard email template is depend on the gift product

offline giftcard

Merchant can also create and send giftcard for any user request from backend as per user request.

shipping and tax handling

When user purchase giftcard then no tax is applied on giftcard product and shipping is disabled for giftcard product

exclude categories

Merchant can exclude categories from gift card coupon.Coupon code is not applied to the excluded product categories

giftcard assignment

Gift card Template is assigned to giftcard product and when product is purchased then that email is used in giftcard template

automatic coupon code generator

Automatic coupon code is generated on gift card product and purchase and email notification send to user to which gift card send

import/export gift cards

Admin can import/export offline gift cards from/to the CSV file.Admin can also export online gift card coupon details generated from the orders.

Are you always confused to find the perfect gift for your loved ones? Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary or any other occasion, buying a gift is always a task as we are clueless about the recipient’s likes and dislikes. Most people take an easy way out by giving cash. However, cash is not considered as an ideal gift as it lacks emotion. Why give cash when you can buy a gift card? WooCommerce Ultimate Giftcard extension allows merchant to sell giftcard on their store and manage everything from selling of giftcard to its use. Merchant can create many giftcard according to fest and occasion and we give a perfect flexibility for giftcard price selection.


for Customer Support

The plugin is very good but the best is the customer support! They helped us with everything we needed and the response to our questions was very fast. Thanks for everything guys!

for Customer Support

This is probably the first Giftcard plugin for WooCommerce that actually works. It is easy and more importantly - customer support was easier. I talked with them over skype. Told them of my issue and they were on it and fixed the problem.

for Customer Support

Great support, and a nice plugin - overall I am very impressed! I had a few custom requests that the support team helped me to achieve, and the response times where very fast. This is a reliable team with a good attitude - I will definitely purchase more products from them in the future :)