Backup And Restore


release version 1.0.6



What Backup & Restore Offers?

google drive
amazon s3
files & folders

Key Features Includes

google Drive

Backup could also be taken on google drive without any difficulty.

real time logs

Logs are maintained for every backup or restore action performed.


Backup reports are shown with number of restore points on dashboard .

database backup and restore

You can also download or restore your database on your system to keep it safe.

site backup and restore

You can download or restore your site on your system if you want.

restore points

Restore points are created for every backup you have taken with date,file name,restore and delete options.

regular period

You can schedule your backup or restore daily, weekly or monthly as per your need and get relaxed.

auto deletion

Setting enables to delete backup automatically after a scheduled time or after a specific numbers of backup.

multisite support

Indivisual sites can be backedup and restore, network admin has the access to backup and restore sites.

event based

You can choose option of event based backup in which you will be asked to take a backup or not on selected events like plugin activation and deactivation.


Keep your backup on locally (same server/FTP).Easily restore to previous backups taken onlocal FTP through restore points created.


Download all files and folders of your site on your system so that you can keep it in your vision . Browse zip file to restore site and sql file to restore database.


Just a click and you can take backup on your dropbox account to provide you extra safety. Restore backups taken on dropbox with just a click as restore points are created.

amazon s3

AmazonS3 option is also available to backup your site, nothing more than clicking a button. Restoration option is also avavilable for amazonS3 backups.

files & folders

You can customize which folder and files you want to backup or restore and only selected folders are considered while taking backup.

Quick Backup And Restore

You can take quick backup to save your time and space in which only files which are modified after last backup are backuped.

restore on total crash

Backup and Restore provieds an awesome feature of restoring your site when its totally crashed (dashboard is not accessible). You can simply go to the link given in the backup-and-restore/setting/others sections and get the link and your crash key.

backup cloning

Backup and Restore provides an awesome feature of cloning your backups on any server you want. Sites and database can be cloned separately. You just have to enter the correct credentials and your backup will be cloned in no time.

Backup And Restore is a wordpress plugin through which you can take or schedule backup on local server or cloud servers including Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3. You can restore your whole site including database on any of existing restore points with just a click. Downloading of your wordpress site, database and all of your backups are also possible which can be restored through the zip file and the sql file.

The plugin helps you manage the backup and restoring process in a easy, secure and reliable way on scheduled as well as on-demand.